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Domenic Andrews



Hello My Name is Domenic Andrews I am a born gifted psychic with the abilities to decipher dreams and to see the future, I also specialize in tarot,crystal and photo readings. My life work is to help and save those who are un knowing of the spiritual world and help guide those people to their true life path.Through my knowledge and experience of the spiritual realm I am able to help you restore your life to full happiness, mend broken relationships, decipher those strange dreams and haunting feelings in your life, so that you may understand and repair the problems. My gifts have helped many restore the love and happiness in their relationships, brighten the darkness in their lives, and turn bad luck in to good luck, and understand their life meaning and achieve their goals. I also can help you break those bad habits that are causing you negativity which = an unclear path. No matter what direction in life it may be. Personal, love, health, marriage, career. I can guide you

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