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I would like to get to know you and give you some answers in love, marriage, divorce and separation. Do you need help sorting out your money problems? What ever you might need some answers on i would like to help. It would be nice to have all of the answers to your questions in just a phone call away, wouldn’t it? I have been so blessed through my savior, Since i was a young girl i was a able to see things through others. My mother also had the gift to help others in their personal needs so it has been passed through generations. I also can see so much in my card readings they will tell me your past, present and your future. I promise my readings will be very accurate and very detailed. I can reveal things that only you would know. We are so fortunate to be able to change things in our life through a reading and advice

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I am able to REMOTE VIEW the present. Let me help to find the answers you are seeking. I can find the path of healing and restore balance in your life.I have years of spirit reading skills to bring to the table. I can help with love, family, and relationship issues. I can help you to relieve stress and find balance. I can help you find out the truth about your situation – lovers, coworkers, friends and others. As I read for you, I am praying for you as well. The more direct questions you ask – the better reading I can offer. I have the gift of being able to help you heal past emotional pain. If you need to know how to change your outlook in this area I can be sure to help. I am here to help you find balance and truth in all parts of your life. I can sense the feelings of others very clearly as I am very empathic in nature. I will be honest and direct. I will ask you at the start of the call how much time you have so that I may tailor the readings to your needs. If I do not connect with you, I will tell you


Clairvoyance (clear seeing) The ability of seeing visions, images, or pictures Clairaudience (clear hearing), The ability to of hear Spirit Clairsentience (clear feeling), The ability to feel a person’s or Spirit’s emotions or feeling another’s physical pain Clairalience (clear smelling) The ability feel beyond the physical Clairgustance (clear tasting) The ability to taste something that does not seem to have a source,Have you met someone new and want to know if they are the right one? Are you in a marriage where the communication is no longer there? Will your relationship turn into marriage?Perhaps you want to know about employment or your finances? Sometimes you just need to know the answers and confirmation. A reading can help gain clarity, insight and a sense of hope or inner peace. I am in service to Spirit and operate with the highest integrity. I am able to tune into your energy extremely fast. I will hold nothing back. Each message I receive is delivered to you from a place of love and compassion. Many people are looking to just be told what they want to hear. I cannot and will not do that. It is a tremendous disservice to us both. You need to hear the truth, and that is precisely what you will hear from me. I will help you to move through your situation through grace and integrity.

The information you receive can be changed by Free Will. Ultimately, YOU are in control of your destiny. The information I give to you comes from Spirit and should be used in a manner that reflects love and light.Things occur according to DIVINE TIMING, which is set by GOD. Sometimes, YOU or the individual(s) you are asking about are in the middle of your karmic life lesson that must be completed in order to achieve a resolution that is necessary for the highest good of all. Please try not to focus on the timing as much as the outcome. When you hold on to the timing you can accidently create blockages. Remember, things happen when GOD wants them to, not when you want them to.

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03 Jul 2024 unsatisfactory ranking T (unregistered)

In 20 minutes, I might’ve got maybe 5 questions answered & not in detail either. Very basic answers. I had to keep re asking my questions. It was honestly very frustrating …. Soo

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03 Jul 2024 excellent ranking sandra2017

Best reading ever!!! I am very happy and satisfied. All questions were answered and clear n quick. Very polite and kind and professional reader. I will come back. I recommend this reader and you will be happy with the reading and results. God bless ❤️ Thank you

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28 Jun 2024 excellent ranking princessfriend

Thank you

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11 May 2024 excellent ranking lovepeace24

Very positive and full of clarity

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20 Apr 2024 excellent ranking sylvain

Nice reading, thank you

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