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No tools readings and Spirit work–since 1975. Tarot–since 1987. Long distance readings–since 1994.

Payment is for my time only and does not represent a guarantee of any outcome.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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From birth I have been empathic and able to connect with spirit, and other forces. I thought I was normal until I went to school and discovered other folks couldn’t see or hear what I could. I have also gained the nickname among those who know me personally as ‘the exorcist’ as I find I’m drawn to help the wandering ones and lead them from here to the next world. This is an aspect of the work that I particularly love, but unfortunately doesn’t lend itself well to remote work. But I am still able to give advice on this subject if needed.

I began using the tarot at age 14 as a way of filtering the many signals I seem to receive and began giving readings back then. But empathic readings or advice has always been given by me to friends and family from the time i learned to speak

Psychic Readings under Law are classified as for entertainment purposes only.


No tools readings and Spirit work – since 1975.

Tarot – since 1987.

Long distance readings – since 1994.

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12 Apr 2024 unsatisfactory ranking menuk

She was trying to be helpful, but I don't think she connected well into my situation. My situation is quite complex. Every other reader I have read with agreesmore or less in the situation and reads it quite similar (many readers in this site) outcomes differ from one reader to another, I guess based on interpretation, but she saw it quite different. I would not recommend. Maybe she just didn't connect with me.

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26 Dec 2020 unsatisfactory ranking jerseygirl111

This definitely didn't resonate with me. She first said he now sees the truth and would push things forward w us. but then as she got more info from me she changed it to he doesn't want me or that "old situation"..when I asked what situation, she said the one where you weren't talking to him for. But it wasn't a "situation". When i told her he's telling me he loves me, she told me our time was up. I guess not everyone can connect with everyone every time. I guess today was just not my day. But this was off from the jump. Said he felt stuck, wants to move fwd, but something from past holding him back. But that has nothing to do with our situation. I don't like leaving a bad rating, but it's my truth and as a caller, i like to see the truth in reviews.

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01 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking mosweu

Not a bad reading just that she didnt seem to connect but would not admit

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22 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking dap3200

Unfortunately very inaccurate. I asked her if my ex has any children to see if she was truly connected. She said No he doesnt. He has two very beautiful children who are his world. Unfortunately she is a cold reader

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23 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking tyannbeck

100% false if you want a scripted reading she's your go to.

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