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Hello Im Lanna I have 35 Years Experience, I am Powerful Psychic,and Clairvoyant Thats 95% Accurate. Im a Master Tarot Card Reader, With Activated Powers Of Mental Telepathy. If you need advice for your career, job, success in business,or problems with children, peace in the home, attracting money fast, finding & attracting your soulmate to you. I can help. Im a Reiki Master Healer if you are sick I will help you to heal. I will help you to find your happiness !! I will tell you the truth good or bad with no sugar coating. (Open my private room and you will be (changed happier person.) I will use my magic cards and my psychic powers to read your future but also for your friends, husband, wife, kids etc. and see their lives change for the better. Get Timing Dates and psychic help on all matters. Contact Me Now For Real Help!

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Qualified Psychic Reading Specilalist.

I Have 35 Years of Professional Experience In Giving Accurate Psychic Readings. Doing Psychic Readings On Stage To Audience Members. I Have Helped Thousands To A Better Life. I give Messages From Angels.True Psychic Messages. What I say will come true. I will help you to find your happiness !!! ( Open my private room and change your life for the better ! I will help you to find your happiness.

My Psychic Experience Includes : I can see all the secrets with my magic cards and my magic crystal ball, my claivoyance, and my powers of mental telepathy Can Help You ! I have Paranormal Powers of clarisentience. Open My Private Room and you will change your life for the better. Some Other Experiences Are : *Doing Psychic Readings in Chruches.
  • Doing Psychic Readings At Psychic Fairs
  • Reading The Tarot Cards With Amazing Accuracy.
  • Doing Psychic Readings On The Radio.
  • Crystal Ball Reading Seeing Your Future In The Crystal Ball
  • Being The Psychic Medium For Shows And Events. *Psychic Psychometrist-Being able to pick up any article and to do a psychometry psychic reading with it. Having The Ability to be able to sense and feel the vibration on it. And to be able to feel the owner of that objects thoughts feelings and emotions. And to see the past present and future of that person whether there living or dead.
  • Psychic Readings Over The Telephone 20 Years.
  • Billet Psychometry-Answering Questions The client has written out on paper, without seeing the questions. *Reading With Stones. Foretelling Events That have happened in your Past, Present And Future. Now you can get the real help that you deserve.
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20 Jun 2019 excellent ranking nyarina


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08 Apr 2016 unsatisfactory ranking iam

I thought it was for a per min reading and I was charged 20 bucks, I would have ended the reading but I had already been charged so I waited to see were she was going with her line of thought. cold reading

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