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Is He/She Cheating? He/She My Soulmate-Twinflame Is He/She Coming Back? When Will New Love Come My Way? Will We Reunite? I Am Honest Psychic Reader Be Ready For Truth And None FairyTale Reading. Stop Being Confused About Your Love Call Me Now!


Honest Reader Only, I Do Not Sugar Coat Be Ready For The Truth The Good And The Bad I do advise my clients to be relaxed calm and in a quite surrounding being this is a Spirituality & Religion, my spiritual guides and angels pick up on your energies and vibrations. More of my client is in a calm state and quite atmosphere,More will be revealed and a much stronger spiritual connection with my spirit guides to my clients. My spiritual connection to the spirit world is very unique and i would love to share it with you today! please be opened minded and ready new take on your spiritual path.If you are in-need of a true clarity and guidance my spirit guides and angels will help advise and guide you on the best spiritual path. For clarity and peace please give me a call today.

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck…. The Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck…. The New Mythic Tarot Deck…. The Deviant Moon Tarot Deck…. The Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck…

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Delphi University Of Spiritual Studies. These are the courses i took,

Channeling Color Energies Energy Healing Energy Sensitivity Initiate Training Intuitive Counseling Mediumship Meditation Past Life Regression Photograph Reading Panic Breathing Psychic Reading Psychic Training Psychometry Sacred Sound Spiritual Art Human Energy System & Chakras.

I am also a Level 7 Meditation which means…..

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS “Now, the seventh major state of consciousness — this, I would say, is the full awakening, with the asterisk that it never ends. It will always keep on unfolding — in the way of expansion and deepening.


My spirit angel has always been near me since I was a child, she has always guided me as a young child and young adult in many situations. By my late 20s my Spirit Guides approached me, And also has been near me ever since. My spirit guides and Angel lead me on this spiritual path in my life and now I wish to guide people and my clients as well with their spiritual wisdom and guidance. This spiritual life I live is my calling and I wish to share it with you. My readings are here to guide positive light into your life If you are seeking a true in-depth reading clarity peace of mind let my angel spirits help guide in these matters, please give me a call today you wont be disappointed

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28 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking dangermouse007

i don't think the reading was correct, opposite happened, basically false hope, poi told me never to speak to them again, and blocked me. attempted to discuss with advisor what happened, no response. would not recommend.

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18 Oct 2020 unsatisfactory ranking millerjessica

Promised something in 24 hrs and it’s been a week and nothing. I really had put my trust in her

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21 Sep 2019 unsatisfactory ranking berryflake0

Reading was 2 and half lines for 10 bucks. Not worth the cost at all :l, was hoping there was more information. Even though it was positive I reallyy doubt it'll be happening in the next 4 weeks like you've said. EDIT//it was two and a half lines and was extremely general! There is no way what you're predicting will be happening in the next three weeks. There was no detail. I want a refund.

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31 May 2018 unsatisfactory ranking tiff007

Everything turned out to be a lie. He’s with someone else and he unfollowed me on Instagram.

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