Fast Typist! :) Reader on Bitwine Since 2013. I’ll be your confidant. I’ll help you to remember your worth and who you truly are!


Let me introduce myself as your intuitive empathic reader and your metaphysical partner to finding the answers to the specific questions and decisions. I am honored that you chose to click on my profile!

A reading from me can be very beneficial with:

- preventing a repetition of your own unknown destructive habits.

- Analyze your interactions with a partner and give you the accurate guidance to be steps ahead.

- Warn you if a person is not for you, leading you on, or if your wasting your time with a dull relationship/connection.

- Give you the right guidance and teach you skills to build upon positive relationships and better outcomes.

- Help give you the confidence to leave a toxic situation and that can be severely damaging your inner light and spirit.

-Releasing fear and rouse resilience.

-Making decisions that shape your future.

-Living a life that is in harmony with your highest aspirations.

-Gaining Clarification, re-center and confidently take those next steps on

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It’s important to know as a spiritual reader what I’m capable of and how I can provide answers to your questions. I am not a magician who conjures up information without your help. i ask that you be detailed in your situation and in your questions so that i can better understand what the reading is exactly telling me! you must Get rid of anxiety, fear, and/or extreme skepticism, This is an important step in making sure your energy is positive, which can boost the accuracy of a reading so that i know how to better direct you on your precious path to peace and happiness.

time lines can always change (we have free will)(YOUR’S AND OTHERS FREE WILL) When given predictions on what’s to come – YOU are ALWAYS the one in control of your own destiny. There is only person who can claim 100% accuracy for the outcome of your life, YOU. Your OUTCOME is always determined by your THOUGHTS, ACTIONS and most importantly FAITH!


I’ve been doing readings since the past 17 years, but professionally since 2009. I’m a successful business owner or 2 Metaphysical shop locations in Phoenix Az When I provide my services.

I’m a kind & generous person, but please don’t take advantage of me and my time. if you aren’t happy with your reading, please say so from the beginning if you don’t feel connected, i will always try to make it right. ❤ (NOTE): IF For any reason, you do not see me typing in chat after 1-2 minutes, that means I am having technical difficulties with chat. I recommend To either wait for it to come back up to speed, or to end chat call back And you will be reimbursed for the time that went. FOR ANY CHARGEBACKS/DISPUTES THAT YOU MAKE TO PAYPAL, YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO BITWINE, I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT YOUR WHOLE TRANSCRIPT OF YOUR READING WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, PRICING, MONTH, DAY AND TIMING, WHETHER YOU ARE REGISTERED ON BITWINE OR NOT, WILL BE SENT TO PAYPAL FOR FURTHER INVESTIGATION SO THAT PAYPAL CAN MAKE A CHOICE ON WHETHER YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK. BUT TO FALSELY SAY YOU DIDN’T GET THE READING WILL SHOW OTHER WISE ON YOUR WHOLE TRANSCRIPT :) Have a Blessed Day

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03 Nov 2019 satisfactory ranking Pinkydoll (unregistered)

Natalie is very very patient. I will change my review to Excellent if her prediction comes to pass. Thanks Natalie. God bless you!

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02 Jun 2019 satisfactory ranking faith1234


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22 Mar 2018 satisfactory ranking clmoody

Sweet!!! Thanks:) just reRead the transcript and it contradicted at one point. Which now has me a little confused. But over all she’s seemed connected

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26 May 2016 satisfactory ranking oceanstar


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11 Mar 2015 satisfactory ranking numbone2014

Still digesting this reading from a couple days ago - Quite different from the reading in December. Things have changed. Only time will tell which one is correct. Thanks.

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