Born Spiritualist- I read the spirit ,of the person and situation ,Or situation where is not going to well and you are not clear with the person . is coming back or not ? I don,t sugar coat . I only tell you what the spirit show me around you and the future and changes , and how to draw your positive in for all matters in your life , and to void the negative in all areas .

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have a many awards for giving people the right direction down through the years , and credits . For helping people all over the world. I have a Bachelor Degree, Major Communication.


I have read many years from a young woman and have read around the world for many clients , where have been going through abusive relationships and marriage . And didn’t , know what direction to go . if you want to see if this person is a long term romance , and what is he doing with his life . I will give you the truth , if he is just a game , or if he is telling the truth . if he is a cheater . I will give you all that you don’t know . and family , or if he put friends first, or if he is hot and cold, if you want to know about career , and your direction , and if you will start a business I will tell you. Come in you won’t regret it . No refunds back . I take up my time through spirit for help. If you want to know about angels around you and guiding spirit . Come in and let me help you right away . Is the right man or woman in your life , its signs . I will give you the truth . I will give you his full personality and ways , so you can know what to look out for good or bad . Is he or she marriage material or not for the future . Come in and let me help you , to know the real person , if it will be love and happiness , or heart break . I will give you the truth through spirit . Is your partner acting cold toward you ? and don,t want to be around you any more ? Is there another woman in his life ? I will give you what spirit show around him good or bad only the truth . Will he change for you ? or is he worth the hurt from him . I will give you the truth ,if he willing to get his life together with you and be happy with you for the future . I can give you time frames and it will come true. I can tell you if you are in abusive relationship . ask for 30 minute special for 35 mins . I know I can help you right away .

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) June 06, 2020, 01:50PM

Location: anywhere in the world  (Find on Google Maps)

$2.50 per minute (after your approval)

10 mins for 10 , 20 for 20 mins , 35 for 35 mins , 40 for 45 mins .

My $10 deal:

Specials - for 10 mins

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3203 Reviews: 2983 Excellent 134 Satisfactory 86 Unsatisfactory

22 Feb 2020 unsatisfactory ranking krystee

She’s alright. I just feel everytime I talk to her, I get very slow and very limited responses. It’s never full detailed or explained very well. It just doesn’t flow. I’ve had better, like where me and the other readers actually have a real conversation and you get what you pay for. It’s just too slow and there’s a lot of confusion. And lack of explanation. More time is wasted than anything. Thanks for your time

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31 Jan 2020 unsatisfactory ranking mivy2323

Do not respond to me cause you know I’m not lying on ya. She is the worst I’ve seen on here. She asked me a bunch of questions I already ask her a question if I knew the answers why would o contact you. NEVER AGAIN WILL USE THIS LADY SHE KNOWS NOTHING. People do not waste your money

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06 Jan 2020 unsatisfactory ranking alyone (unregistered)

she is very scamera woman dont go to her she doesnt say what you wanna hear from her she wants to sugar coating you and get the money like she thinks she worked come on i m mean its only 10 and look what you give reading god never forgive you for this i dont know how many people you scam and telling them lie i will report you to this website too. she says i will tell you truth bad or good . she is liar so you think you can get away with this lie, i hope everyone ead my feed back cuz i dont want anyone to talk to this scamer lady

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03 Jan 2020 unsatisfactory ranking trinityjanelle

didnt feel a connection. wasnt very detailed. predictions may happen as other psychics have told me the same but in all honesty it just seemed like she was waiting on me to give detail when she is supposed to be the psychic one. im not even going to ask you for a refund because i know you wont give it, but you really wasted my time and money you typed so slow and didnt even give good detail. certain things she said were contradictory “tell him how you want to move forward with him” “let him tell his feelings first then say what you want from a relationship in general” i really just feel way more confused and kind of disappointed because its almost like you were giving false hope. and she cut off the chat abruptly without even saying bye or giving me last regards. thanks for your time but i wont be coming back not even if predictions come true.

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28 Dec 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Mar20 (unregistered)

She pushed for the 15.00$ and I unfortunately paid. It was getting confusing as she said two people which changed to three and then changed to praying with colored candles for the right person to come...and when I kindly told her I don’t think we were not connecting she hung up. But thank you for your effort.

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