Born Spiritualist- I read the spirit ,of the person and situation ,Or situation where is not going to well and you are not clear with the person . is coming back or not ? I don,t sugar coat . I only tell you what the spirit show me around you and the future and changes , and how to draw your positive in for all matters in your life , and to void the negative in all areas .

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I have a many awards for giving people the right direction down through the years , and credits . For helping people all over the world. I have a Bachelor Degree, Major Communication.


I have read many years from a young woman and have read around the world for many clients , where have been going through abusive relationships and marriage . And didn’t , know what direction to go . if you want to see if this person is a long term romance , and what is he doing with his life . I will give you the truth , if he is just a game , or if he is telling the truth . if he is a cheater . I will give you all that you don’t know . and family , or if he put friends first, or if he is hot and cold, if you want to know about career , and your direction , and if you will start a business I will tell you. Come in you won’t regret it . No refunds back . I take up my time through spirit for help. If you want to know about angels around you and guiding spirit . Come in and let me help you right away . Is the right man or woman in your life , its signs . I will give you the truth . I will give you his full personality and ways , so you can know what to look out for good or bad . Is he or she marriage material or not for the future . Come in and let me help you , to know the real person , if it will be love and happiness , or heart break . I will give you the truth through spirit . Is your partner acting cold toward you ? and don,t want to be around you any more ? Is there another woman in his life ? I will give you what spirit show around him good or bad only the truth . Will he change for you ? or is he worth the hurt from him . I will give you the truth ,if he willing to get his life together with you and be happy with you for the future . I can give you time frames and it will come true. I can tell you if you are in abusive relationship . ask for 30 minute special for 35 mins . I know I can help you right away .

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22 Feb 2021 unsatisfactory ranking noel82

Contacting bitwine for refund. HORRIBLE. Gave 2 direct questions but she is forcing another storyline on me. Then hangs up bc im negative lol. No you are a fraud. Answer what i paid you to answer. Not negative not interested in wasting money on a fraud. You were off from start nobody asked you about us it was a very direct question that you had no idea on, just say that.

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29 Jan 2021 unsatisfactory ranking danny78

Bad readings.... Truly dissapointing this time.. She used to be real good...

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30 Dec 2020 unsatisfactory ranking Shannie (unregistered)

I hate to do this because initially I believed her and then she mentioned money coming my way that I knew that was not possible at all. She used a little bit of information I gave her to build a narrative I knew that wasn't possible. She asked how much money i wanted to add to the reading and I told her all I could afford right now was $20, then she mentioned later in my reading that money would be coming my way in the form of a stimulus check. My salary does not qualify me for a stimulus check and I earn outside of the tax bracket. She assumed because I said I couldn't afford to spend more on the reading that I was suffering financially which I am not. I'm simply saving and being conservative because there's something I want to buy soon, didn't want to waste too much on readings. She then told me, she can only tell me what she sees and it was just outright wrong. How can she see a stimulus and I don't qualify? That can and never will change based on my income.

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08 Sep 2020 unsatisfactory ranking Jas (unregistered)

She does not say much . No real insight . Only cares about money .

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08 Aug 2020 unsatisfactory ranking paigepaige

I paid for $10 bundle for 10 minutes and she charged me $2.50 a minute and answered one question. Unfair

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