Chris Ochun

Chris Ochun

" I tell it like it is, No Questions Asked"~ Chris Ochun’s passion is to help people, with the talents that have been given to him. His Degrees are:Ordained Reverend, Initiated priest of Santeria Lucumi /Palo Mayombe Congo/ Born Espiritista/Clarivoyant and Medium, Spiritist.Author of the Book: The Espiritista and communicates with spirit world. Works @ Original Products Botanica Supply Center Bronx,NY. Dedicated to help elevate you and guide you in a direction to benefit yourself. With his motto "I ask no questions and tell you like it is!". Reverend of the Universal Spirit Institute Chris Ochun, you are guaranteed a better experience then any other.His goal is to give you detailed information on your consult, many times our clients never have to ask any questions due to the specific reading abilities.
  • God through spirit will provide us with all necessary information.

*Please know that there are no guarantee’s in life so be selective in all that you do.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Born Clairvoyant/Medium. Initiated Priest of Santeria/Lucumi. Priest of Ochun. Initiated Priest of Palo Mayombe/Bryumbo Congo since age 15. Working over 25 years consulting and reading people. Works in the Largest Botanica/ Spiritual Store in the world @ Original Products Botanica which you can find also on this site under store…located in the Bronx,NY. Ordained Minister and accomplished author. Does all types of Spiritual Work. Owner and Head Minister of Ile Yeye Ide/ Munanso Nsulu Nganga Mundo. Can give references at any time. Appeared on many Newspapers, Television, and Documentaries. Holds Spirit Mass’s at temple to get one with those on the other side. Proven and Skilled at the art of Divination. Studied and Skilled at the arts of Dillogun Shell Divination, Water gazing, Cards.


Now working at Original Products Botanica Supply look under the shop section on this site for all your spiritual needs. Was owner of many spiritual religious shops through out the East Coast, now working at the worlds largest supply center for spiritual needs. Over 25 years counseling and reading people.Dedicated help anyone through spiritual means. Motto "No questions ask, will tell it like it is." Has initiated many people into religions such as the Regla de Ocha. Gifted Medium who reveals names and much more.

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