I have been helping clients just like you for more than 15 years and I wish nothing more than to give you the relief and truth you have been seeking. Whether the news I give is good or bad I will give you the tools to handle them and I will not falter in giving you exactly what I am shown. I will show you the path to happiness through empowerment. If you have questions surrounding life, love and/or career, I can help. I Can show you what is in the cards for you, give you the tools to strenghten yourself and help you find the path to your heart’s desire.

NEW I am offering unlimited readings for $100 a week. Ask about it in chat. If you buy a month it is only $300.

I also offer a $150 deal for 15 readings. Both of these opportunities let us concentrate on the matter at hand and not have to watch the clock.

PLEASE NOTE: I Do not work for free and if you are an UNREGISTERED client, I will not provide readings. Please register with Bitwine for my protection and yours.

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While doing these readings is my livelihood my motive is NOT about money alone. My first priority is being your advocate and showing you the path that is best for your own benefit. If I do not feel my readings are of help to someone I will be upfront and let them know it. All I ask in return is for my clients to listen to the advice they ask for and trust in their own ability to make decisions and remember that they hold their own destiny in their hands. I cannot tell someone what to do, but I can tell them what each choice can bring to them. Free will plays a big part in every reading and this is why I NEVER give specific timing or dates. Every one has their own free will to make changes to their paths and this can change the timing of a reading to come to pass sooner or to delay. Nobody is in charge of timing but we all have our own free will and if you remember that you will be in control and understanding why things happen when they are meant.


Bringing clients peace of mind for over 20 years professionally. I can bring you peace of mind too!

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09 Feb 2019 unsatisfactory ranking sweetqt777

It was my first reading with you and you made predictions about someone I had just met and I told you he had backed off and you told me everything was fine I noticed he was avoiding me and I texted him and asked to speak with him and clear the air and he never responded and blew me off. I had extended the reading and spent a lot of money in Canadian dollars to be told nothing accurate. How can you be that wrong and not read the energy of a situation that was current. Using the system for just over a year I've not had any predictions that have come true and I think I need to learn to stop using this

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17 Nov 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jqc103

She was incorrect about the reason why my POI did something and incorrect about them reaching out but she was very nice

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05 Aug 2018 unsatisfactory ranking cezz32

So from having so much love for me thinking of me to him being dangerous and hateful towards me because his energy is like that now ... And he is my soulmate like u mentioned in previous readings seems so strange this drastic change and honestly cant belive in this

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21 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking Sasha  (unregistered)

Yes your prediction came true for me. But, I’m starting to think what you said isn’t accurate at all. Also, I don’t like the fact that you wait for a response to get one. Nice buttt welll I’m not sure

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20 Jan 2018 unsatisfactory ranking shazashoo

Refund please he declined and said he was not interested in attending friends party with me.

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