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I asked if my boyfriend cheated on me to different readers and received different answers…the one that said he cheated was very detailed and the others said he didn’t . Of course i believe the one that said he did because i assume that. But how do i know which is correct

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You should acquire a pendulum for your final answer.

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You can connect with me for a final answer, I use different tools for accurate and honest readings.

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Hi Loveind36., Unfortunately, he has cheated. I would advise you to also go with your own intuition. You have already had a definitive answer, it is not because you are just assuming. It is your higher self talking to you, listen to it

For more information, please come chat or message me anytime!

Kind regards.

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My name is ANGEL & I am known for being an Empathy. I can Feel what you are going through. I am able to Feel the energy around you. I’ll always leave you feeling Uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you Don’t want to hear.

So, Lets have Chat and Unfold things for you in Private Reading Because this is a public place to discuss details related to your Private Life.

Kind Regards

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if you have to ask or worry to the point you see visuals of imaginary women or imaginary situations they are getting into with a sick feeling in your gut its a much larger chance this is your intuition speaking, not your fear.

so in short, if you dont trust him, it is that simple luv.

hugs and prays.

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i would really caution you to not ask those types of questions when getting a reading.

finding out if someone is cheating is better left to directly asking the person or i guess you could hire a private investigator.

stick to what you can actually verify when getting a reading. events you’ll SEE happen in the future with your own eyes. don’t ask questions and then run with information believing it. this is all just my own opinion though. best of luck to you.

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I am of the opinion that you already KNOW whether or not your boyfriend cheated. What I mean by that is your instincts are much stronger than you know. If you are having that pull to even question it, well something is off. Trust yourself. I can offer what I feel about it, but I really strongly KNOW that instincts most often are correct. xoxoxo