Crying on christmas is it normal?

about 1 month ago

I used to cry on christmas everytime until I was like 10..we had gifts but we didn’t really know how to celebrate it. I would get really sad that another year has past and nothing really substanial happened.

about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago


about 1 month ago


Why not? I cry at Christmas my friend,

about 1 month ago

well.. do you still cry? i think crying as a child at the passing of time of the idea that your missing out or that more should happen is normal since kids dont have all the tools to deal with emotions, but i dont know that this is a spiritual/psychic issue

about 1 month ago

There may have been an emptiness, but you were just a child. Life should have been more magickal for you. I do not know what was missing or how your life was. I feel Angelina really nailed it.

about 1 month ago

Aida!! My good ole friend!! Me too

about 1 month ago


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about 1 month ago


Nice to see you still here, I have stayed away but came back to read some of the posts and came across your response.

How are you my friend?

28 days ago

doing well amiga!! you still on FB? I’ll look you up.

27 days ago

yep still on FB definitely look me up need to catch up lots going on

26 days ago

will do :)

2 days ago

I am tuning into a loss that happened before you even remember. this can be past life and you feel pushed to make things happen around this time for that reason. if you are able to resolve, and pinpoint this emotion to the time you are recalling, you can rise to a more powerful position in your experience.

i suggest a regression session so you can get in tune with your past self and overcome this obstacle.

with love, Jade

1 day ago

i advise to seek the help of a mental health professional with this one. blessings xoxo