What is wrong with me? I feel lost…

about 1 month ago

I don’t know if ANYONE can help me with this. I’ve tried many psychics but no one has been able to help…

Why is it that every time I fall for someone, they turn to leave? It’s like they show that they love me and can love me and be your person but then they leave. Is there something wrong with me, do I do something wrong to cause them to leave?

Please don’t tell me that they were here to teach me some life lessons! What lesson? To not love anyone because there’s no value for it! I am so tired, I don’t even know how to love anymore. I am struggling and can’t move on from the person I thought I found home in. I feel lost and all I feel is pain.

Everyone tells you what you should do and shouldn’t do but no one tells you how! Beyond exhausted and heartbroken :(

about 1 month ago
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Jamey (jamey)

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I am so sorry you are going through this.

It sounds like you get stuck in the trap of handing your heart to someone in the hopes they take care of it, rather than making them earn the right to your heart and trust. We usually do this when we have lost our relationship confidence and worth from past unhealthy relationships and have fears of ending up alone and unloved.

I know you don’t want to hear this, however, this is a lesson, this is about healing old wounds, evaluating how you approach dating and learning how to get yourself emotionally healthy enough to get out of the trap of waiting for someone to choose you and learning how to get in the place of you deciding if you want to choose them based on their behavior today, not based on who you hope them to be in the future.

Remember that everyone is always on their best behavior in the beginning of relationship and that true personality usually show up about 3 months in. When we emotionally attach too soon, we are attaching to who we think they are rather than who they really are. We emotionally attach to the fantasy of them and what we think they can bring to our lives. When the personality switches, we then spend the rest of the relationship trying to get them back to who they were in the beginning.

Learning how to set healthy boundaries, not emotionally attaching too soon and taking the time to really get to know someone before handing your heart to them will go a long ways in changing this heartbreaking pattern of wasting time with those that wont stick around and help you find the one that will.

Find me in chat if you would like personalized help with this.

about 1 month ago

@jamey thank you for your empathy and reply ♥️

about 1 month ago

I am sorry you are going through that as well. I am available if you need a reading. xoxoxo

about 1 month ago

Hi lovely

26 days ago

Karishma Kumar (kari09)

Your astrology can give you all these answers, it’s a bit harder to do for a psychic unless they can penetrate your akashic records (many psychic can, some can’t).

Therefore I highly recommend you see an astrologer and ask them to look at your venus and 8th house from venus. This and other indicators will show what’s going on with your relationships. You can even copy these words. Message me for more info

15 days ago

It is about healing past patterns, by recognizing what it is in the other person that triggers you. Self discovery which can be done in a time of peace and process with the Most High – Healing comes first, and then God can bring you the right person. It is important and helpful when you have someone to talk to to encourage self discovery. You are beautiful, intelligent and Strong and you will make it through this dear but dont force yourself and be loving and patient with yourself. Grace is real and beautiful and we dont have to hold onto those who hurt us, we can forgive them and release it in peace and know that things will heal as long as we do not hold the bitterness in our hearts as it hurts us as well. It takes strength to forgive. Keep your head high and hang in there. I am here if you need to talk.

God bless,


10 days ago

Karishma, There is a time and place for everything, I want you to know it is not I repeat not your fault at all. For it is better to wait for the right person then be with the wrong person because trust me, you do not want that. Please contact me for more info, I’d Love to chat with you more on this, Much love and blessings. :)

7 days ago


NO One is meant to be ALONE. we are all made in PAIRS. It’s just we made some bad choices and that’s what delay things. Let me Guide You to walk on Right Path which going to lead you to your Soulmate.

So my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Private Life.

Kind Regards

6 days ago

hi good morning,, your right you need answers but you also have to allow the heaing process ,, plz contact me in chat with first name and date of birth and i would be happy to help