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Hi what does it mean when the same person appears in your dream consistently? It’s not like every day but it is pretty darn consistent to the point it happens at least every week or every other week for the past year or so? Is this just all in my head and just psychological? Your advice/opinions and what it means is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hey tt89 – I’m starlight.insights, but you can call me Amber. What I have noticed is that this phenomenon is likely one of three things.

1. This person has a message for you, so try to ask them or listen to what they are saying – if nothing, reach out to them in your waking life if you can;

2. Take notice (when you wake up) of everything happening before and after seeing the person and write it down. There might be an experience coming up that is significantly related to the omens shown in the dream. Also, try to associate the feelings here as well;

3. *What this person represents to you in your life or a time in your life is something you either have unresolved or maybe a key to something you’re experiencing now So, brainstorm everything there is associated with this person such as colleague, vintage clothes, ham sandwiches, yellow hat, said hello every morning, lost touch with them, etc.

Now you need to bring it all together with one more step – their name. What is the meaning of their name? Google it and along with your above steps/notes review, and try to find the patterns or messages of relevance.

Or, let’s connect and I can look into this for you of course :)

14 days ago

Their spirit is crying out to you.

Determine why, and pray to see growth and revealing of the reason you are feeling so pulled to them. Whenever they pop in your mind, send love an say a prayer. If you feel the anxiety of the moment, pray it down – reach out when you feel it is the right time. Do so without selfish intent, and purely to see if they are ok. If they do not respond it is okay, say another prayer and continue until these visions cease.

Love and Prayers


6 days ago

hi gm,,, dreams are windows, they will allow certain messages to come threw, who ever this is they have a message for you,, plz contact me threw chat and i would be happy to help