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I feel very confused at this point don't know what to do?

26 days ago

I do love dwayne but I worry of this other woman causing problems for me I have so many questions that goes on my mind I feel like I’m full of worry and stressed am grow tried of this woman Lauren that is or still is still causing problems between him and I

21 days ago
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Robin Bluedragon (bluedragon)

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People can change,and realizing whats in his heart will make a difference.Come by and we can talk about it and come up with some answers.

20 days ago

To him she’s just a friend and I know you feel like why does he need to talk to so many women when I’m here for him? Yaknow it’s like you try your best to stay positive and go with it but there’s a point where you’re feeling like If you hear about her name or her one more time you’re just going to explode… but the answer is that this man does love you and I will tell you how to resolve this issue you can’t keep living like this and constantly worrying cause that’s not how love is supposed to be. But don’t worry he doesn’t see her the way he sees you at all. He only wants you it shows me. :)

Blessings -Clara

4 days ago

i agreee with robin people change paths change and there is not much we can do but allow destiny to take its course but there is a lot that in your situation that is a bit complicated and i can take a look into that for you with a full detailed reading take care stay blessed!