Clara Love Reader

Clara Love Reader


I have 15 years experience helping people with long withstanding life and personal issues. My specialty is love and karmic soul unions. I love to help people and provide assistance to those that feel they are unhelpable. My entire existence is dedicated to community, charity, the hungry, spiritually impoverished and lost. I am your advocate for peace, balance, answers and contentment.

Please contact me with an open mind and heart. Sometimes the things you may hear may not be what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Please ask specific questions.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tarot readings are best conducted by experienced hands only. I wish to share my gift with you to give you the utmost clarity and peace. I use Oracle cards, Angel cards, French Tarot and Thoth deck at my own judgment. Let me pick the right deck for you.

Astrology readings take into consideration your birth date and time of birth for an accurate "portrait" of your life and what is to come.


Tarot/Angel Card Reader;Relationship Adviser; Counselor; Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Without exception, all clients are responsible for the choices they may choose to make. If you need medical or legal advice, please seek it out by going to medical or legal professionals. Reiterating, readings here are for entertainment purposes only, and I am absolutely exempt from any liabilities arising due to any decisions and/or actions taken by clients at any given time. Every one of us has been gifted with free will to use when and as we see fit. My guide and I can help guide you as you make those decisions by providing insights into reasons behind actions and/or behaviors, losses, etc., but this is all that I can do. Only God, himself, has the ability to see when who will and will not use their free will, which can, and actually often does, change time-frames and sometimes even outcomes. All clients hereby acknowledge that by clicking hire, they are absolutely responsible for any fees incurred and that they have read, understood, and agree with this disclaimer. Thank you and blessings. If you are unhappy with a reading, just let me know. Sometimes connections can be weak, depending on your circumstances. Chargebacks are not tolerated. You agree to these terms by clicking hire. Thank you and blessings.—

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