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9 days ago

Will my ex boyfriend and I get back together soon

8 days ago

Hi Dear,

Nothing is Stronger than The Love you once Both Shared. He will be Acting Hot & Cold as he is Walking on Wrong Path my dear, But please take this Time to Reconnect with Your Love. I Will Guide Your Way and lead you back into Love’s Arms Again

So my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Private Life.

Kind Regards

2 days ago

Hi dear,

I would be very happy to check for you and tell you about it after spirit connection. Feel free to join me. I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

about 15 hours ago

He wants the same thing as you but has been afraid to tell you the truth cause of his pride and ego from the past mistakes, he thinks he went too far…but I do see when he will be back to talk to you again.

blessings -Clara