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Does he hate me?

2 months ago
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Does Ty (that’s his full first name) hate me because I told the truth? Thank you in advance

2 months ago


2 months ago


You did what you think was right but others don’t see it that way. Think of all those movies you’ve watched. The nark is never the hero in any story. Never.


2 months ago

Hello, You told the truth and truth always win out , Please come in and let me give you full insight through spirit and see what his deep thoughts are . I will give you the truth what spirit show of his thoughts toward you and much more. I have specials today. Blessings

2 months ago

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2 months ago

hello dear and welcome and well, as I read in your spirit guides I can see that yes there is hate in his heart but it is only because he feels that you have hurted him in some way , im on line .

2 months ago

He doesn’t hate you, he hates the situation. There is no hate towards you. and you haven’t hurt him its just hard for him to face the truth. Your journey is not over and there is so much more to discuss, Contact me now I am available.

2 months ago

Hi Pink-sugar,

There is definitely a need for boundaries in your situation. I would not say that he hates you, but I do get that some of the challenges that are currently present in your situation are a result of a lack of boundaries.

Remember, boundaries are not reactions to behaviors. Real boundaries are cultivated through honesty and vulnerability as a relationship evolves. When this occurs there are fewer opportunities to react to circumstances.

I am available for a detailed reading on this situation. Let me know that you are coming from the “Ask A Psychic” thread and I will give you a 10% discount on any of my flat rates.

Love & light, James

2 months ago

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2 months ago

Life brings different things and sometimes it isn’t what you want. I can do a reading to let you know exactly what his intentions are.

2 months ago

he just feels that what you did was a bit selfish, and that you did it more for yourself than you did for him.

I understand why you did it, and at a moment, things needed to come out anyway because it was too much holding it in.

dont regret, but theres important steps to take from here on out to help him understand why and learn his karmic lesson properly.

love an light


2 months ago

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