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❤️No Nonsense Tarot/Oracle Readings❤️ Detailed Tarot readings about love, career, finance, or any other questions you may have.


Get your questions answered today. Do you want to know about love connections? Unrequited love? A break-up? Your career? Finances? Life Path?

I offer a detailed approach that provides insight and understanding for any situation.

Today can be your day to gain inspiration, insight, and understanding. I combine a few different traditional approaches including clairvoyant/intuitive messages, auric analysis, energy reading, scrying, and Tarot insights. Through this hybrid of different techniques, I offer clear and insightful messages from Spirit to my clients.

Also, be sure to check out my feedback! I am a fast typist and do my best to offer a fair and concise analysis of each person’s situation. You won’t be disappointed.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


James is a contributing author on two international best selling collaborative books on the subject of metaphysics and spirituality. "The Grateful Heart" and "The Courageous Soul."

Tarot & Intuition Qualifications & Certifications:

I have been reading the Tarot for many years now. I am Certified Tarot Reader and Certified Spirit Guide Coach.

New Thought Certifications & Recognitions:

Ordained as a New Thought Christian Minister since 2007. Certified in "New Thought" Metaphysical Healing Affirmations.

Reiki, Energy, & Angel Healing Qualifications:

Along with intuitive readings, I also work in the field of angel healing, metaphysical, spiritual, and energy healing. I am a Certified Angel Healer, Certified Spiritual Counselor & Certified Energy Healer. Certified Ambassador of Divine Love, which is a specific energy healing certification.


I began my psychic journey and energy healing practices in 2001 with a spiritualist Christian mentor.

I started out providing readings alongside my first teacher and spiritual mentor. Back then I did not use tools.

During my early years, I would travel around giving channeled messages from Spirit in churches, conferences, and seminars.

After doing this for some time I felt that I wanted to continue my spiritual & healing path and went to a school that taught metaphysical principles. From that learning experience, I became an ordained minister.

I did a little work pastoring, ministering, and teaching in group settings, but it did not take long for me to realize I prefer one on one sessions with clients rather than having a congregation. I still enjoy doing occasional workshops and teaching, but my heart is still working as an intuitive & spiritual coach.

As my path evolved I became more interested not only in channeling messages but also other esoteric methods of divination and went through an extensive Tarot training to earn a certificate as a Tarot Reader.

I have also used crystals in readings in a technique called lithomancy. Crystals have a specific matrix energy & aura to them. When you use crystals together for reading purposes these energies create patterns that can be interpreted through the channeling of the Holy Spirit, angelic realms, or guides.

I have helped many clients by working with affirmations, energy healing, and angels. I classify this type of session as “energy work” & include Spirit based guidance.

During my Reiki training I began tapping into auric energy that surrounds clients. Along with reiki I offer aura readings. During an aura reading I help clients understand their energy body, how energies affect life experiences, review strategies to achieve goals & unblock stuck energy.

I have found that aura reading can often be one of the most effective tools to identify the energy that exists in relationships.

It gives clients insight into the energy in the situation and helps them develop strategies to achieve relationship goals more effectively.

I have studied the archetypal language of dreams for at least ten years. Our dreams can provide clarity for the present, bring messages about the future, & heal difficult situations.

If a client is interested in dream interpretation, it is important for me to receive the dream through the Bitwine messaging system so I can review it before the session.

I do my best to blend techniques from several traditions to provide insight to my clients & to ensure a custom session suited to their individual needs.

Tarot is a guidance system not a calendar system and I do not do "fortune telling." We can look at the momentum of a situation, but the cards do not create the future. We each are responsible for our own experiences in life.

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