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The Art Of Egyptain Tarot


TEgyptian Tarot is based on four historic premises in ancient egypt and were used by major gods and godesses of egypt for there mystical powers and to bring fourth information the same tool is used today by everyday people to find out basic information such as business love marriage relationships health family and so on i found that when getting or giveing a reading tarot is the best because it answers questions in detail also giveing specific times and date’s of when and where things will happen There are eleven popular spreads to use for reading the cards. These spreads include the Star Spread, Celtic Cross, French Cross, each deck of card’s and spread’s are used for diffrant information The Egyptian Pyramid Oracle is a set of 25 cards, drawing on Ancient Egyptian mythology for fortune-telling. The deck is divided into five houses of Power, Temptation, Inspiration, Wisdom, and Change with five cards each. there are also the Holy Tarot of Tot , Nefertari’s Tarot ,New Egiptian Tarot ,Ramses: Tarot of Eternity

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