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Hello, My name is Mandy. Have you ever wondered about having a Psychic reading but you’ve been skeptical? I have the Psychic experience that you can surely depend on in the time of need. I offer many different types of readings tosuit your every need, such as…

Palm-Tarot cards-Psychic-Crystal-Reiki-Rune stones-Past life-Reaching Beyond-Chakra and meditation.

I help in all life matters such as…

Love & Relationship, Job/Career, Family, Finances, Luck, Health and Much more!

With just names and DOBs I can pick up on the energies to guide you to the right path.

Are you confused about the Past?, Worried about your present and/or concerned about the Future?

Worry no more let me set your mind at ease! I will give you the true and honest answers to give you solid grounding advice to help assist you into becoming all that you truly are! no refunds/returns entertainment purpose only

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I was born with the gift of Psychic abilities. I have 10 years of experience in Psychic reading. I noticed my Psychic behavior at age 7. I have been providing Psychic advice and healing for 10 years. Owner Psychic Place in Springfield Missouri. Also have given Psychic advice online for over 8 years.


over 10 years experience in love and tarot readings. Love expert and advisor.

Owner of The Psychic Place store front in Springfield MO, 5 yrs.

Private practice for 2 year in the art of Tarot Card and Rune stone reading.

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Local Time: (GMT-06:00) January 20, 2022, 07:51PM

Location: Springfield, MO  (Find on Google Maps)

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23 Jun 2021 satisfactory ranking Pinkie (unregistered)

I’m not sure about this $10 reading. The content was almost all the same with all the other readings I had on other guys. Don’t get me wrong.. she does have the gift and I found that she is only accurate when you have a friend to goto her to read on multiple guys for different ppl. But if you goto her by yourself, regardless of which guy, the message will be the same and generic. Today I got a reading on a guy who we haven’t met in person yet, and the communication was sporadic but we do know when we are going to meet. She gave me the same message as all the other guys… there’s strong connection but there’s emotional distant. He loves me very much and has deep feelings for me. He is planning on contact me in the next 2 weeks at most. He has past hurt and trust issue. Meh…so generic. Got the same message regardless which man I brought on the table for her unless a friend goes to her with a list of men for her to read. Just thrown away $10…

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27 May 2021 satisfactory ranking dangermouse007

Picked up a lot in a short amount of time, and also a fast typer, thank you. Update: things were suppose to turn around in 2 weeks, but nothing has changed, I don't think this reading turned out to be accurate in the end unfortunately. Will update again if anything changes this week, but highly unlikely.

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21 Feb 2021 satisfactory ranking Briauna (unregistered)

We shall see

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11 Feb 2021 satisfactory ranking nicola80

Good reading

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07 Feb 2021 satisfactory ranking ladyjane2321

Reading was good. I just hate at the end when a reader says something, and you respond to it and they try to rush you off or say would you like to continue the reading. I know a lot of them only care about money, but some of us aren't trying to get free time. Makes you not even want to tell them have a good night or anything.

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