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I am here to help YOU!, if you are at a crossroads in life, need advice from the Tarot regarding love, career, marriage or personal spiritual growth you really should talk about it, and with psychic guidance from the Tarot, you are in a win win situation. Anything that is bothering you, family, friends, work , lovers, husbands, there is always a solution and a reason, it’s always best to get it off your mind.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

BSc.Hons. Psychology and Counselling, Msc University of Metaphysics in Parapsychology


have been working with the Tarot for 15 years on a personal level and for the past few years have been giving readings, to family, friends and online I use The Rider Waite Tarot Deck and sometimes the Marsielles Deck. I offer relationship, career, marriage and love readings and also use omenology.

The tool of the Tarot has helped me develop and work with my psychic ability. For the same amount of years I have used the Silva Mind control method to access my psychic ability further, I have regularly been meditating since a young age and this has build the foundation of my ability.

I have grown up with astrology and palmistry, my father is a proficient palm reader for family and friends

My co – workers would describe me as caring, empathic and creative.

I have done personality tests over the years and have consistently come up as an ‘intuitive’ and empathic in the Myers Briggs and other tests

I have a BSc. Hons. Degree in Psychology and Counseling which really assists with counseling using the tarot cards and providing the emotional support and also referring to other relevant bodies if the person needs more than Tarot readings.

After completing this I went on to do a Masters in Metaphysics with the University of Sedona for which my Thesis was on Feminine Divine Archetypes and healing.

Studying Jung as part of my degree has helped me to go deeper in the Tarot using symbols and studying about the collective unconcious.

I also experience mediumistic dreams, however I am still solidifying my skills in this area

Recently I have developed a keen interest in Vedic omenology. Studying omens and their timings really has added much more insight into my life and I would like to share this with others

I have seven years experience in the social sector and three years experience of working in mental health. In this I have run workshops on meditation and worked one to one providing counselling support. I have worked on spiritual personal growth retreats. All this combined with my career background and Degree will enable me to provide a truly holistic Tarot service.

My motivation for becoming a Tarot reader comes from the immense benefit I have experienced in my life, and to serve people using my skills in this area sharing this fascinating and deep area so people can grow for themselves from this also. I am skilled at working one to one with people and have developed skills in professionalism from my career.

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