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We can be pressured by the FAST paced world in which we live. We can become victims of ourselves through our actions, from either getting in our OWN way, or by convincing ourselves to settle for less.

I am not religious, I am spiritual. I was not always like this. I have a dark past that I clawed myself out of, and you can do it too.

I will listen to your situation, your plight, your struggle, your concerns, your inhibitions – and then give you the advice needed to overcome these stumbling blocks, by looking at the situation in a different light, or from another point of view. Let ME, help you improve your life,and see OUTSIDE the box you have trapped yourself in.

I AM NOT a practicing psychic, though I am Empathic, and a Medium. I have evolved into a GUIDE to help people along the path, THE WAY of positive attraction. I don’t EXPLAIN what will or will not happen, it is OUR actions that paint your dream, and weave the reality of your VISION. You are the MASTER of your END result. Let me GUIDE you.

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Well Read, and practiced: Psychology Social Psychology Partner Relationships Life Experienced Low Brow to Upper Crust


See my blog for more about me, on there I keep updates on specific topics of interest with in the Social realm, as well as new and old observations in relation to people as a species and how we expect one another to interact with in our lives.

There is also a detail of my personal life, so that you may feel more comfortable, about me NOT passing judgments on you or others in our talks.

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