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Experienced Psychic Channel, Reiki Master and Metaphysical Master.I offer Channeling/Tarot Reading / Oracle Cards, Angels Readings, Relationship and Dating Advice , Career Guidance to answer your questions and guide you in making important life decision. I provide the best tips and tools to navigate the Dating and Relationship arena. My approach really works, I have helped men and women from all over the world for many years. I have helped people cope with their life and personal issues. My readings and wisdom will bring you clarity.

I will also be able to give you some extra information on how to get the best out your relationship, work, life or any other area you might need help.

With my approach you would gain deeper knowledge and insight of your truth self. You would discover your highest potential. Locating possible blockages and finding ways to release them. Helping you to get out of ruts and start new cycles. Finding strength, hope and empowerment.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Theta and Reiki Healer Teacher

0ver 15 years experience giving psychic readings and tarot readings


I have over 10 years experience healing and a lifetime of providing accurate readings and insight.. I have experience on 6 major global psychic and esoteric sites.. I have a high repeat client ratio due to the accuracy of my readings. Take a look at my profile and view what the members like you had to say…

JUST A FEW OF MY HUNDREDS OF CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: Super – again – can always rely on Spirit… - by Justmebeingme, Manchester - by Mylife123, US - by novforsic, Base - by simsima, swe

She is very good telling u things without u asking very honest and direct.

This girl has got it…the REAL DEAL. Each time you come to her she has usually sensed something that has transpired in your life since you last spoke with her. She is honest (will tell you if she can’t see something yet). Her email readings are DETAILED and full of layers…you will refer to them again and again as you work through your problem. - by Markus, Switzerland

She is RIGHT ON THE SPOT ALWAYS. An incredible good reader. Thank you!

PREDICTION FULFILLED: I am writing this because I know this is what many of you are looking for in testimonials. It is not always the most important, but I wanted to share my experience. Spiritvision predicted i would find a place/move on Nov. 1. Although I wanted to believe it, I was not sure if I would find a place by then. Then, a few days before I found a place i loved. I thought for sure it was it, then the evening of Oct. 31 it fell through. I had no other prospects of a place, and was sure there was NO way I was going to find a place by the next day. Nov. 1 I wasn’t even looking for a place, I was so busy with school. Then, my Mom called me and said she had found a place on Craigslist. I called the owner, and went to see it the say day (Nov 1.) I loved it! It was perfect. It was on the same block my son goes to school and had everything we needed. By that evening (Nov. 1) I was told the place was mine to rent. The owner had had it up for sale, but assured me he would take it off the market and i could stay and lease as long as I needed it. The next day, my step dad called and said "I hear you found a place to rent that you really like." I told him, yes. Then, he told me he BOUGHT the place. No joke. He had looked at the pictures online, saw that it had been for sale, called the owner, and bought it. I don’t think you can get a stronger confirmation than that of a person’s gifts.

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