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★Flat rate specials!★ Warm, sane guidance and spiritual counseling – top rated 5 stars; . I do things differently and offer a unique, accurate, ethical experience. (LGTBQIA welcome)

Why wait when you can create? If a typical psychic reading keeps you waiting and wondering, real intuitive guidance can illuminate a clear direction:

♥ Where are am I heading? What do I need to know? What is going on with this person, situation, problem? What can I change? ♥

No need to fear "scary" psychic readings or a reader who just tells you what you want to hear. My sessions are warm and uplifting but I don’t encourage dependency. Real power is in the present so there are no fairy-tales, spells, timelines/prediction based focus here. I can give you deep guidance that informs you and helps empower you to make your own positive changes and choices on the path ahead.

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"..helped me get answers with no fairy tales and was so wise, patient and friendly. I feel like I have a better perspective and that will help me long after the reading. I didn’t hear what I hoped but I feel calm and like i have a better idea of how to take charge of my path. Thank you so much!"


I’ve given professional readings since 1987, alongside my career as a writer and artist. People from all over the world including moms, couples, celebrities and other psychics have sought me out for clarity and intelligent insight. I’m an empathic energy-reader and coach and I help people trust and form their own way forward. I own my own web business (since 1995) and have written numerous articles in the field of relationship-building and music/art, spirituality/philosophy and the paranormal. I have been on radio and am a classical musician.

★ I don’t read on medical, legal or pregnancy issues. No sessions for anyone under 21. ★ No $10 dollar deal ★ Effective Jan.1, 2013: My services are not a replacement for medical, legal, mental or other professional advice. All paid readings are final/no refunds given under any circumstances. Intuitive work connects to the best paths and choices available, but life and energy is always changing and unfolding. This is a place for guidance but not a guarantee of outcomes. You are responsible for the consequences of your choices.

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31 Jan 2021 excellent ranking rd16

Amazing!!! I always feel so lifted after talking with you Willow! You empower me and make me feel so positive about any situation! Thank you so much I appreciate you! Xo

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29 Dec 2020 excellent ranking bunkleboothruth

Amazing reading. I don't even have the words. She just knows everything!

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18 Dec 2020 excellent ranking aaminivea

Always relaxing to talk to Willow and she aways gets it right :)

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05 Aug 2020 excellent ranking aaminivea

I have been coming to her from 2017.She has had a calming effect on my mind ever since and things have played out exactly how she said they would.She is guide who will never steer you wrong and oozes positivity :).I am in a completely different place from where I was in 2017 and Willow has been instrumental in leading me towards this right path.Forever grateful!

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31 Jul 2020 excellent ranking misty_pennylayne

Willow is wonderful! I love talking with her. She does readings like a psychic should do readings. There's no fluff. She is not here to lie to you to tell you that you've met your soulmate and he is just having hot and cold feelings right now because he is scared. I know years ago when I got readings all the time about this one man, that is what all the readers seemed to say. I think they say it because it is most likely fitting for anyone who is getting a love reading. Anyway, Willow is SO good and so accurate. SHe helps guide you on a spiritual path. Willow wants you to be in alignment with what is your highest good. If you are looking for a reader to tell you that the man (or woman) you're hurting over is the man of your dreams and he will be calling you in 1 week, she is not the reader for you. But if you want compassionate, spiritual truth, do not look any further. She is AH-mazing!

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