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Often I can "get the point" before other people even state it as I have a psychic connection to the people and things around my clients. Increased psychic awareness helps me make the most of my possibilities and that ability is what I share with my clients to help them make the best of their choices. I have a strong vision of what can be accomplished and I have the ability to motivate others.

Being a born planner, I see into the future and am directed via my guides to just the right direction my client needs to take. I have a sense of duty, which makes me a reliable worker. I bring diligence and orderly procedures to my readings; giving it a logical balance, my methodical approach solves many problems without undue stress. I have significant experience in doing psychic reports that help people to move forward onto their next stage of development in love, work, family, manifestation etc. That skill is what I bring forward in my readings for my clients.

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BA Journalism Degree. Marketing for Business Advisors course.

I’ve studied symbolism, spirituality and how they effect our day to day life inc quantum physical overviews of it for almost a decade (through books, webinar classes, spiritual development groups), learning different ways to decipher the symbolism in synchronicities whether through my tools or in day to day life. I have kept what meanings resonated with me and used them with success in readings to get to the heart of the issues . I have kept up to date with online discussions and articles on divination and have a insatiable appetite to continue to hone my skills.


I combine a psychic sense of how things are with a sympathetic understanding of what people need. Moreover, I am responsive to those needs. I am patient and understanding of them. My personality naturally tends to exhibit a caring, sympathetic attitude toward others. I grasp the abstract nature of my work and can convey it to others creatively. Progressive healing using simple methods with symbols, crystals, colour, and affirmations are my favourite way to help my clients balance their emotional energies, bring the highest good into their lives, and empower them with the strength to do their will in harmony. There is healing within the reading but more specific healing requests can be made for no extra fee upon request.

In readings, especially the live ones as I am aware of events before they occur, I support my natural intuitive understanding with sensitivity to the facts as they present themselves. I am firm in my position and consistent in my work. I am an effective communicator, with excellent customer service experience. I have the ability to bridge the gap between people, and therefore make a good consult. I do well as a psychic because it calls for sensitivity in relating to other people, mediating between people and serving the public. I am always learning more about my craft and I continue to develop my psychic gifts steadily. Whatever psychic awareness I bring to my career is a felt thing, not the result of thought. I find that my self-awareness depends on listening to my "gut".

I don’t do mediumship or channeling. I am also legally obliged to tell you that Psychic phenomena have not been scientifically proven to work. No psychic reading can be guaranteed. Readings and guidance do not replace medical, legal or mental health advise. If you are seeking medical, legal or mental health advise please visit a professional in those areas. It is the clients sole responsibility for what choices they make in life. When paying for my services you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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