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Vedic Astrologer 18+ Years Experience


I have over 18+ years experience in Vedic Astrology. If you require my services please be ready with your birth date, birth time ( This has to be accurate to the minute if possible but must not exceed 5 minutes in accuracy ). And city of birth. If you were born in a small unmarked city please provide the nearest major city. If you were aware if daylight savings time was in effect when you were born that would help but is optional.

I specialize in general readings for clients. Giving them the future outlook and offering astral remedies if planets are under malefic influence or weakened by house/sign position. I do not do question based astrology as it is hard to specifically pinpoint the planetary influences. This is mainly because of astrological software errors and inaccurate birth data unknowingly provided by the client. It is much easier for me and beneficial to you to calculate general indications and predictions.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

College Degree in Creative Arts, High School Diploma.

Astrological Qualifications:

Studied under Pandit Sita Ram of Montreal, Canada. My astrology Guru and friend.


I have studied astrology with a well known Pandit in my hometown when first taking astrology more seriously. Later on studied by myself. I have analyze many charts and have over 18 years experience in this field.

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