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Malachi, the Spiritual Messenger


I have been communicating with the spirits for a number of years now. Services offered include:
1. tarot reading
2. runes reading
3. spiritual healing with crystals.

Please note that my work is only to be used as spiritual guidance to empower your own thoughts and actions. For legal reasons, I must warn you that my services are for entertainment only. I cannot be held responsible for your actions, as we all have free will and determination.


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I use Fantastical Tarot, Rose Quartz runes, Merkabah and Amythest Dowsing Crystals.

I am an empath and a healer, about to embark on a journey of learning reiki and reflexology. I am new to the area of the chakras and am currently building my collection of crystals before I commit to commencing work in this area although the work that I have done so far has been very successful.


As yet, I truthfully have no qualifications but intend to embark on Reiki classes very soon. I am a hetrosexual female, 33 years old but I would like to point out that I am not here to judge you, but I cannot help unless you are honest with me. I do not mind if you have issues with your sexuality, gay, straight, lesbian, transvestite or what colour, race, or origin you are from!

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