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SHOCKINGLY ACCURATE Messages From This Life &Beyond! Psychic Spy DIRECT Into Your Lover’s Heart. Give and Receive Messages

Do you have unresolved questions? Are they stopping you from
experiencing complete peace of mind? I can help you in areas of:

· Relationships, love, family, friends, business

· Career choices and goals, job prospects, finance

· Connecting to your loved ones who have passed on

· Overcoming life’s challenges and opening new doors

· Understanding your life’s purpose and spiritual development

· Finding balance, inner calm, greater clarity and understanding in your life

· Health, emotional well-being, overcoming blocks and healing old wounds

· Getting in touch with your own inner voice

An intuitive reading can help bring comfort, focus and a fresh perspective to life’s concerns

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3rd Generation Psychic

Intuitive (Knowing by gut feeling what has happend in the past, is presently happening, and what will happen in the future)

Empath (Able to feel the emotions of everyone involved in the reading anger, love, sadness, etc. including the physical affects from the emotions)
Telepathic (Able read everyone’s mind in the reading and tell you what they are thinking and their intentions)

Clairvoyent (Able to pick up things visually in the reading such as the color dress you wore on your wedding day or what your beloved looks like)
Clairaudient (Able to pick up sounds in the reading whether its you and your lovers song or a loved one talking to you)

Clairgustance (Able to pick up smells in the reading such as the scent of your lovers cologne or your favorite recipe from your grandmother)
Medium (connect with the decea


25 years experience as a natural born psychic reading for family, friends, online, and at parties. 3rd Generation Psychic. My mother, grandmother, and aunts are all psychics.

Have worked on various psychic sites since 2004.

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27 Feb 2011 satisfactory ranking kristiiinn (unregistered)

will change if everything works out right

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05 Sep 2010 satisfactory ranking viva4

Said the same as the others so hopefully it is true or will come to pass. However, I gave a satisfactory instead of excellent coz I find it time consuming when she has to take a few seconds to connect to each of my questions instead of going straight into it like the others. I ended up not being able to ask more questions since I ran out of credits. Thank you though:)

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