Wondering if He/She is having Love feelings? Romantical Attraction? Empathic, Honest, Clear, Insightful, Love & Relationship Readings Only!


Welcome to Spiritual Love Divine! My Psychic abilities is extremely gifted to read people mind, heart & soul. My psychic senses can read thoroughly how someone is feeling & thinking about you? I am Clairvoyant to see things clearly in the matters of love & relationship life. I connect with people energy through high grades of spirits & angels to bring true messages and insight. I can feel and see things what happening around you and your life which you cannot understand. My reading are detailed and can tell if he/she have future or not? I can answer all your questions which keep running in your mind. I can help you how to restore your love life and broken relationship. I can also use tarot cards to read any situation and future. My readings are truthful and sincere with you and i don’t sugarcoat with my clients. I can predict future events and my predictions are mostly successful and accurate.

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Born Gifted Supernatural spiritual psychic medium and sensitive psychic!


I have 15 plus years of experience into love & relationship reading and this is our 4th generation. As the time goes i developing my psychic abilities. I helped many people with my gifted divining psychic solutions. I can use various successful methods to guide peoples. I can also help people to take right decisions of their life with my experienced psychic abilities. Share your problems and every issue to get right solution and insight. My readings are detailed & confidential with you. I really appreciate if you take out some time to leave reviews after the session ends. Feel free to Contact me today to help yourself!

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+05:30) December 04, 2022, 07:45PM


$0.99 per minute (after your approval)

$25~30 mints & $55~60 mints ONLY FOR LOVE & RELATIONSHIP READINGS!

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15 min for love relationship issues and career

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03 Nov 2022 unsatisfactory ranking M (unregistered)

I spent 30.00 today and still didnt get my answers, they were very general and not specific so im not really satisfied.

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29 Aug 2022 unsatisfactory ranking nsj

Taking ages to reply..

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05 Aug 2022 unsatisfactory ranking crownme31

I asked you for a deal and you charged per minute. You said you’d still give me honored time. You gave me 3 responses in 7 minutes after payment and once the per minute clock stopped, you requested more money. (Twice) That’s not how you do business with your customers. This will be reported to Bitwine.

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25 Jul 2022 unsatisfactory ranking Grace (unregistered)

Ridiculous person kept talking about garbage after I requested a refund kept talking for 10 mins and hung up on me without a refund

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11 Feb 2022 unsatisfactory ranking liteforall

Sorry but this reading was really off base, and was totally against the info that was given in the reading previously on January 7th. English was really hard to understand, and it sounded like another person took the place of the reader, so it's not even the same reader. I did not feel this reading was authentic at all. I don't think this was a real psychic.

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