I intuitively tune into your energy to give you the FAST, ACCURATE and Straight to the
point answers that you need to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life.I have also
helped 1000’s of people all over the world for many years.
I will help you see what is really going on in your love life.
We will work together to guide you in the right direction to fix the problems or enhancethe joy in your life !

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have degrees in religion and motivational. My expertise are Intuitive Energy,Tarot card,Astrology,Numerology,
Spirtual Healer,Love Predictions,Prayer,Dream
Interpretation, Candle reading, Spiritual
Guidance,Empathic and Spiritual Life Coaching,


I have the knowlege and the ability to use many tools as you may see in the expertise
part of my profile but in most case I use wear a steel mask and use intuitive gifts to read
into your life force energy through your voice vibrations which is amazingly accurate.
I don’t beat around the bush we get directly into what you need to know to mold and
shape your life to your liking.
I was born and raised in a very spiritual family.
I truely can not remember when I first started doing readings to help others. Even before
I could read a book I was reading some of the over flow of clients that my grandmother
had lined up on her door step.
My greatgrandfather “Papa Mandrake” was a legendry Haitian Intuitive and Healer and it
is his blood that flows through my veins.
I aquired a PHD in Religion and a Doctorate in Motivation and Herbal Science which
earned me the right to the use the family name of my great grandfather which is why I
am called Dr.Marcus Mandrake.

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