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Elizabeth James, Psychic and Life Coach. I give honest and true psychic readings to help connect with the spirit. Essential messages spirit needs you to hear. Connect with the Universe now to see how you can make your life better and filled with joy.


We all face challenges in life that can be difficult so I offer to you, my birth gift as a seer. Allow me to help you to find the clarity you seek when navigating those troubled waters.

I have clients world wide, and have helped people for over 35 years to find solutions to your life’s challenges. Clients attest to my accuracy, and are comforted by my kind, caring, non-judgmental and confidential readings.

My spirit guides and I have a strong connection. We will help give you the perspective you need in order to make the right decisions for you in any given situation. 

Please understand I am not a therapist, doctor or a lawyer. That said, I can’t offer medical, legal or financial advice.

I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS or FREE PSYCHIC READINGS. Predictions and time frames are dependent on the paths that you choose to take and the free will of all, that includes those you are asking about.

Do yourself a favor and connect with me now for a fresh outlook on today’s fast paced lifestyle.

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I only offer my per minute rate of $7.99 or 3 blocks of time, 10 mins. for $55.00 15 mins. $75.00, 30 mins. $110.00 or you can choose my per minute rate. After your time is up, you will be charged my per minute rate. YOU MUST LET ME KNOW WHEN WE FIRST CONNECT WHAT PACKAGE YOU’RE CHOOSING, OR MY PER MINUTE RATE WILL APPLY, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I am clairvoyant since birth. I have 46 years experience working with the public. 36 years directly in the psychic metaphysical field. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient clairsentient as well as an empath.

I do not need tools but I am also a Tarot Artistry master and will use the pendulum for you on request.

In 1974 I graduated from the Jose Silva Mind Control Method – Lakewood, WA, where I perfected and honed my psychic gifts.

In October 2014 I enrolled in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, to become a Law of Attraction, life coach. After Successfully completing the course I became certified to coach in early 2016.


Although I have over three decades of experience and I am very good at my job, all readings are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

I am very serious about my work, so absolutely NO refunds or charge backs. This is my chosen career, you are paying for my time, education and knowledgeable experience.

Time frames and accuracy are not guaranteed as they can and do change. It depends on surrounding actions and circumstances.

However, I will do my best to be as accurate as I can with what spirit shows to me in the "now moment". You may not like what you hear but I will be honest and kind.

I have worked on many psychic websites and phone lines over the years. Most tested and approved the others, I was recruited.

I do not play "test the psychic." If you feel we won’t connect, please do not reach out to me for chats. It is wasting both my time and yours, and I have no desire to waste anybodies time.

I deliver quality readings with as much information as I can in the time given.

If you attempt a charge back please know that Bitwine will do an investigation. All transcripts and communications will be turned over to Bitwine and your IP address will be turned over to Paypal.

Both Paypal and Bitwine take charge backs and fraud very seriously, your account could be terminated.

Included in your reading, you will receive, all that spirit shows to me in regards to your question. As well as my life coaching skills to help you live your life with joy and happiness.

Now offering Law of Attraction Life coaching

Take life changing steps to improve any situation. I offer 2 life coaching packages, 30 mins. $275.00 or 60 mins. $400.00.

You must e-mail me first before you schedule your session time. Let me know whether you want the 30 min. or 60 min. session and we’ll go from there.

Please remember, my life coaching sessions are not my psychic readings as they are separate. Life Coaching services are not included in any deal.

2001- present Liz On Phyre, hand crafted original metal smithing and wire work, glass beads and jewelry designs.

Over 35 years working with the public. 1995 – Present – My own private practice. 1995 – 96 Advisor – Psychic Readers Network. 1996 – 97 Advisor – American Psychic Network. 1997 – 98 Several guest appearances on "Signs of The Times" with Host W.C. Moriarity, the Cable Radio Network. 1998 – 2000 – Several psychic guest appearances in the Excite, Lycos and MSN chat rooms. 1997 – 2000 Advisor – For Psychic Encounters, under Crystal Psychics. 1997 – Present – Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church 2000 – 2010, Member the American Federation of Astrologers. 2001 – present – Lampwork and Stained glass Artistry. 2000 – 2003 Advisor – 2000 – Present Advisor – 2002 – Several guest appearances on "The Third Eye" with host Jane Wilcox, KNBC 1190 AM. July 2003 – Present Liz on Phyre award winning beautifully hand-crafted and original jewelry design.

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17 Feb 2023 satisfactory ranking blessed523

Thank you!

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21 Aug 2022 satisfactory ranking karenlhy

Very little and generic information for the price. She wasn't quick at all.

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