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Do you need insight into a situation that you are having issues with. Want to know how he or she feels about you, what they think, where is this heading etc. I can give you psychic insight into many situations, from relationships, affairs, finances and jobs to even just being the door that unlocks the mysteries of another person or future situation. I am a very honest, compassionate and ethical reader and will do my best to help you gain a better understanding of what ever it is that concerns you Most of my family have psychic abilities and this has also been passed down through the generations. My abilities are a combination of Psychic, Empathic and Clairvoyant too name a few, and I have been sensing and seeing spirit all my life.I often sense peoples feelings, thoughts or physical ailments and can describe what is going on in there life as well as sensing and describing people around them.

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Life has its ups and downs and at times can be very hard to deal with. Relationships as we know, most likely cause the most problems and the most painful of times. Everyone at some point in their life needs a shoulder to cry on, or even an insight into a problem if they are too close to the situation to see clearly. Emotions can play a huge part in distorting the truth about a situation or a person as we all know and have experienced.

I have been through a lot in my life and rather than seeing the negative with my past, I feel that what i have been through has helped me to gain a better understanding of life in order for me to help others. I am a very genuine, open and honest person and i am here to help you in any way possible. How ever i am just a messenger so what ever messages that i pass on are coming from a higher source , be it from spirit or guides.


I very much believe in karma so you can be assured that what i give you will be the truth but please dont expect fairytales as this is not always the outcome and i refuse to sugar coat. I am how ever extremely compassionate so even if the messages maybe something you dont wish to hear be assured that i will deliver them in the kindest and most sympathetic way possible. If you want a true and honest reading then i am here for you.

I am able to predict future events and have sensed and felt many things with a good degree of accuracy. I am not perfect and although extremely accurate and do have a good track record for predictions in the past i also know that things can and do change so no reader is 100 % accurate and i certainly dont claim to be.
So here i am, a compassionate, caring, honest and genuine reader and i would be honoured to help you in any way possible.
I do not judge people or their situations and i do not have issues with same sex relationships, so please do not be afraid to try me out

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28 Mar 2018 unsatisfactory ranking raveena

Nothing she said has transpired. No connection.

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27 Mar 2018 unsatisfactory ranking skye1

I will like a refund. I didn’t feel I got my monies worth. Very nice lady. But I felt something was missing. I didn’t get what I was looking for. (I don’t want to give you a red) b/c I did think you were nice but, far as my reading. I still felt wanting more afterwards. Maybe your style of reading isn’t for me.

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17 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking peyton

Very disappointed she blocked me for no reason at all

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10 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking valgal80

Aqua has been great. However, today bitwine disconnected as we were about to go into a reading and she blocked me. I am very frustrated with this as she has been a very good advisor and I feel that she didn't even ask what happened and just decided to block me assuming that I disconnected the chat and wanted a free reading or something which is not the case.

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25 Dec 2015 unsatisfactory ranking lauralxndr14

Not sure about this connection, it was very confusing and nothing much for very expensive rate. Please refund, sorry we didn't connect i guess or you are not for the task.

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