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Destiny Card Readings & Reports


Each birthday of the year is governed by one of the 53 playing cards (52 plus the Joker). Your birth date reveals valuable information about yourself, your life and your relationships.

This system of information, also referred to as the "Book of Destiny’, relates to the ancient symbolism connected to the ordinary playing cards and has been found to be the most accurate one ever discovered. Everyone who has learned to use it, is amazed at what is revealed.

The next move?
You get a 3 min free introduction session. Together we will determine if my style, energy and experience is a good fit for you.

What do I need?
Your date of birth and the dates of birth of the people that influence your life.

Life Report $55
Personal Year Report $25
Lovers Profile $35
Business Associates Report $35
Report for Friends & Family Relations $35

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Student at the Suseonjae Meditation School
- South Africa
Suseonjae offers an advanced program that covers all basics of meditation, breathing, well-living and spiritual evolution. It does not exclude any philosophies or other ways of thought. It’s an umbrella that is wide, high and broad enough to encompass all existing parameters of human thought.

Bachelor of Arts (Psych./Sociology)
B.Admin. (Hons.)

Advanced training in the Investors in People Standard

Advanced Training Courses in Business

Personal Development Training

Winner in the 2006 Nedbank/BWA Business Woman of the Year Awards – Corporate Division.



Once this concept came into my awareness I started to search for a system of information that could guide me in a very practical way in the day- to-day life as well as support my personal and spiritual development.

Once the intention was out there, the Universe conspired to bring me in contact with the Destiny Cards System. I trained with the Grand Master of this system, Robert Camp and have been doing readings and counseling, utilizing this system, for the past 12 years.

Furthermore, I have extensive Business- and Life Coaching experience as key areas of expertise, hence the great demand for my service amongst business people seeking information and advice for decision making. The combination of my experience with the information from The Book of Destiny proves to be a powerful tool for practical advice and support to my clients.

I am not a fortune teller or psychic. However, the Destiny Card System is uncanny in its accuracy and it is my function to help you to understand your various cycles as they present themselves and utilize them to your benefit.

Since relationships are the catalysts for our personal transformation it is of importance to gain some understanding in this area. I assist in obtaining insight into the energy connections between yourself and others which greatly enhance the management of personal as well as professional relationships and provide a valuable tool for the choice of intimate partners and associates.

I combine my knowledge, experience and Universal Wisdom to assist you appropriately and to be of service to you!

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