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25 years of experience. All readings are for *guidance purposes only. You alone are responsible for your perceptions and decisions. No foreseen outcome should be taken as a guarantee.

You are in charge of your destiny, and the one who decides where it goes. The best I can do is show you what your options are, and you will know where to take it from there!

I will not sugar coat anything because it won’t help your path and help you become one with your higher power. Along with that my psychic reading, I do help the coping process by meditation if needed. Contact me today to receive advice from a person who treats you like an old friend.

My gifts are Clairvoyant – I "see" the past, present, and future. Clairaudient – I "hear" information from my guides. Clairsentient or Empathic – I "feel" energy; from people, situations, etc.. Claircognizant – I "know".. this just seems to happen out of nowhere. Medium – I "talk" to spirit; human, animal, angelic, etc.

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Note taking a reading from me means that you will let me complete and you will not leave a negative review unless the whole reading is completed

IF you are not satisfied, tell me during the chat rather than ending it because that is you being unfair to yourself, not my doing

Everyone who is coming for a reading, means they agree to this


25 years of experience in giving people honest accurate advice without names and date of births needed. I have a small background in psychology as well

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$5.22 per minute (after your approval)

5mins $20;10mins $40;20mins$60;30mins $95;1hr $180

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19 Jul 2020 unsatisfactory ranking mia (unregistered)

Very disappointed vague answers could apply to anyone and slow with a response. She asking for more minutes and timer going down. 60$ for 20min please don't waste your time on someone who keeps typing "He Cares, soul connection, august"

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21 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking zali1973

Judged me & my situation, then told me she ‘had to go’ & didn’t do my reading even though she was available got hire before & after I called. Was calling for guidance & support in a tough time & I got the opposite

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04 Mar 2020 unsatisfactory ranking alex888

Need to pull words out..?Yes..right..very understandable..?Meaning..?Can you put full sentences..?For 2 min 5 words ..?Maybe she is good but I feel disrespect when people can’t explain/Put sentence together.Yes he will call you..Will be proper way to answer question so I know what YES APPLIES TO.Thank you for your reading and LAST TIME WITH YOU

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04 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking otter1004

As she said, it was blunt and direct reading of what she found out. I wanted to know what caused the issue( what I asked for) but she only told me, how bad my situation is.( I knew it) Not smart psychic, do not trust what she said. Superficial reading. Career answer and poi answer all are strange. This made me more confused. Not worthy at all. Be away

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08 Aug 2019 unsatisfactory ranking blkbutterflyz

This was a terrible reading. First you said that he will commit in three months and in the same reading you said that they will be together for “2-3 years but knowing them it will be 5” This is my first time speaking with you so I don’t understand the “knowing them comment”. You changed your words many times during the reading. I want a refund of my $60! I want my money back. This call will definitely be disputed! YOURE A FAKE!

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