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25 years of experience. All readings are for *guidance purposes only. You alone are responsible for your perceptions and decisions. No foreseen outcome should be taken as a guarantee.

You are in charge of your destiny, and the one who decides where it goes. The best I can do is show you what your options are, and you will know where to take it from there!

I will not sugar coat anything because it won’t help your path and help you become one with your higher power. Along with that my psychic reading, I do help the coping process by meditation if needed. Contact me today to receive advice from a person who treats you like an old friend.

My gifts are Clairvoyant – I "see" the past, present, and future. Clairaudient – I "hear" information from my guides. Clairsentient or Empathic – I "feel" energy; from people, situations, etc.. Claircognizant – I "know".. this just seems to happen out of nowhere. Medium – I "talk" to spirit; human, animal, angelic, etc.

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Note taking a reading from me means that you will let me complete and you will not leave a negative review unless the whole reading is completed

IF you are not satisfied, tell me during the chat rather than ending it because that is you being unfair to yourself, not my doing

Everyone who is coming for a reading, means they agree to this


25 years of experience in giving people honest accurate advice without names and date of births needed. I have a small background in psychology as well

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25 Mar 2021 unsatisfactory ranking natikatyrell

Very short answers like 3 word responses

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06 Mar 2021 unsatisfactory ranking lisha8

I don’t write negative reviews lightly... but this is one reading I wish I could get my money back on. She said my POI would contact me by a certain date.. he didn’t. It maybe would have made the rest of what she said believable, which is that my POI is toxic and will never have a good relationship with me again. Almost every single advisor has spoken of my connection with my POI (twin flame/soul mate/etc) so it was hard to carry the conversation. She was defensive and almost abrasive when I gently told her of my previous readings with different advisors, and she asked if I had read her profile about not sugar coating (I did). Overall, it wasn’t a pleasant interaction and there are kinder ways to deliver bad news or advice without shutting your customer down.

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13 Nov 2020 unsatisfactory ranking Noi (unregistered)

The most hyped-up reader honestly didn’t connect well at all. Kept telling me to let go poi will come. These short answers she’s giving me making me doubt her whether she is a legit reader or not. Never again trusting anyone else positive review from bitwine. “He will come” “Let go” “He will miss you” Save yourself the trouble ppl

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19 Jul 2020 unsatisfactory ranking mia (unregistered)

Very disappointed vague answers could apply to anyone and slow with a response. She asking for more minutes and timer going down. 60$ for 20min please don't waste your time on someone who keeps typing "He Cares, soul connection, august"

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21 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking zali1973

Judged me & my situation, then told me she ‘had to go’ & didn’t do my reading even though she was available got hire before & after I called. Was calling for guidance & support in a tough time & I got the opposite

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