Sue Nehme

Skilled Intuitive Insight.


Your spiritual guides are in constant contact with you. I can help you hear their advice and guidance and help bring clarity to your situation. Call me for assistance with life purpose as well as relationship guidance and self-empowerment.

Indigos, Crystals and Star Seeds are welcome and will find a kindred spirit in me.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am an ANGEL THERAPIST®; I carry the Energetic Resonance of the Indigo, the Crystalline Being and the Star Seed; I am a Channel for the Hathor Nation


Part of my life purpose is to be a Guide for Indigos, Crystals and Star Seeds of all ages. In your reading, I will connect with your Higher Self, your angels and your personal guides as well as my Higher Self and guides. I work with many realms, including the angels, faeries, Gaia, ascended masters and benevolent Star Nations. I am an energy weaver and I work with Sound and Sacred Geometry for healing and growth.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-10:00) February 22, 2024, 11:25AM

Location: Maui, Hawaii  (Find on Google Maps)

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