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✨Soul Therapy✨ Unlocking Hearts & Guiding Souls to True Love ❤️✨


As an intuitive, clairvoyant, and psychic empath, I specialize in matters of the heart. My specialties include love crises, lost love, marriage, breakups, cheating affairs, and soulmates. I also assist with career, happiness, and peace of mind. LGBTQ+ friendly, I provide non-judgmental insight and guidance.

Let’s discover where your love journey leads. I’ve reunited loved ones and helped soulmates find each other. If unsatisfied during our intro session, I’ll happily refund. Trust in my guidance. ❤️✨

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As a certified spiritual coach, energy healer, and intuitive psychic, I bring a unique set of qualifications to my practice. Over the years, I have diligently studied and honed my skills, constantly seeking to deepen my understanding and connection to the spiritual realm. My clients consistently praise my ability to connect with them on a deep level.

With a specialization in matters of the heart, I have helped countless clients find true love, overcome obstacles in their relationships, and heal from heartbreak. My knowledge of the workings of the universe allows me to guide clients towards manifesting their desires and living their best lives.

Prior to the pandemic, I pursued studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in psychology. Although I never completed my degree, my academic background in psychology complements my intuitive abilities. I look at readings both psychically and psychologically, offering a holistic approach.


I hail from a humble small town where my innate passion for assisting others blossomed from an early age. Natural psychic abilities have been an integral part of my life’s fabric. Over the years, I’ve devoted myself to the study and practice of various spiritual and healing disciplines. My expertise flourishes in the realm of love and relationships, where I’ve guided countless individuals towards the profound experience of true love and enduring happiness.

My journey into specialization in this field was deeply personal. I’ve navigated my own share of heartbreak and love’s tumultuous terrain, and it’s these trials that led me to focus my practice on matters of the heart. I intimately grasp the intricate complexities of human emotions and the daunting challenges love can pose. Through my work, I’ve empowered people to conquer their fears, quell their doubts, and manifest their deepest desires.

My unique approach encompasses a synergy with the universal energy. I harness my intuitive abilities to illuminate the path toward my clients’ aspirations. Whether you’re in pursuit of a soulmate, yearning to rekindle a lost love, or striving for balance and joy in your relationships, rest assured, I stand ready to accompany you on your journey.

Beyond my professional life, I revel in the tranquility of nature, drawing upon its healing energies to enrich my practice. My profound empathy and intuition enable me to forge profound connections with individuals, guiding them to discover their true selves.

While my specialization lies in love and relationships, I possess a profound understanding of the laws governing our universe and their impact on our lives. I wield this knowledge to aid my clients in manifesting their desires and forging their own path towards a life imbued with love and joy. Let us collaborate to beckon the love and happiness you wholeheartedly deserve.

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10 May 2023 excellent ranking Kt (unregistered)

She is pretty amazing! Very positive!

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10 May 2023 excellent ranking purplejewel513

Amazing!!!!! Ran out of funds!! She’s very accurate! She discovered I just graduated from college!! Very accurate! I’ll be back :)

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10 May 2023 excellent ranking acmarie

Great, thank you!

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10 May 2023 excellent ranking vpoh

i would recommend her for sure. very accurate without being unrealistic. now just waiting for predictions to plan out. she is worth the money, answered my questions and is patient ;)

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09 May 2023 excellent ranking shealey28

She was awesome

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