Let my guides show your future.


I am a tarot reader with more then 15 years of experience. With my gift I have already helped dozens of people, my readings are direct and clear.

I love spirituality and I know that tarot can help you in various problems of your life and make you understand various situations. I do readings for all areas, I just don’t see health and justice decisions. I’m here to tell only the truth and what comes out in the tarot, so get ready for what the tarot has to show you.

I use tarot but I can read without any tools just name and dob.

Tarot can be your best friend and can make you understand and advise you in various situations in your life.

IMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE YOU START A READING WITH ME: 3 minutes its just introduction is not for a free reading, in that 3 minutes i will ask you name and dob and you can send one question, but i will only open my tarot after you add credits, that is my work respect that.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Disclaimer: No free readings, the first 3 minutes is for you to give first names, dobs, questions, & request the deal type that you’re interested in, or go for the per minute rate.

NO REFUNDS; Paying only for my time and is not a guarantee of the result. All indications are for guidance only

I do not offer pregnancy, medical or legal readings or exact time predictions Readings are for entertainment purpose only .

Timeframes is not exactly , dont ask me exactly when things Will happen, nobody can see that. Timeframes can Change it all depends of the Actions and free Will of each One.


+15 years I do readings on a radio as well . I was already on tv show doing readings.

I don’t do sugar coating I’m here to tell what my spirits see whatever you like or not.

If you are not ready to listen the answer whatever is good or bad don’t come please.

I’ll be here always for you my mission is help people to see their future .

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Languages: English, Portuguese

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+00:00) December 04, 2023, 01:33PM

Location: lisboa  (Find on Google Maps)

$0.99 per minute (after your approval)

Free Introduction!

My $10 deal:

10 minutes