If you want the truth, you'll have it with me.


I’m here to help with the truth, not seeing illusions. We all have our destiny but we can always change through our choices and this is where spirituality helps, to guide us Making the best decisions and visualizing things in a way we can’t see. There are no miracles, the deadlines are impossible for us to know because everything depends on each person’s free will and each person’s actions. We can know if something is taking a long time or not Over these 18 years of experience I have seen many deluded people who come looking for miracles or for us to solve their problems. Our mission is to guide through the gift we have and not to deceive Or invent things that don’t exist. Spirituality exists to help and not to invent things that are not I am direct, honest and I don’t invent things that are impossible to see. I’m tired of seeing people fooled by things that never happen and that people only say to please them. If you want an honest consultation from someone who lives for spirituality Im here ! Honest direct

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Predictions and timing is fluid, as they are largely based on your/your POI’s daily choices – I get pieces of puzzles and it makes the picture but it is difficult to put it in linear time, I work with spirit and I will pass on the information as it is given to me.

I DO NOT answer specific event questions such as interview outcomes or "will he come Saturday", "when will he contact me", "who will I marry" etc. I ONLY pass on what spirit gives me

⭐PLEASE NOTE: ⭐ This service is open to interpretation and for entertainment purposes ONLY. Always remember that the choices you make are your own


+15 years I do readings on a radio as well . I was already on tv show doing readings.

I don’t do sugar coating I’m here to tell what my spirits see whatever you like or not.

If you are not ready to listen the answer whatever is good or bad don’t come please.

I’ll be here always for you my mission is help people to see their future .

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