The blind psychic (Zevorn)

love, career, and so much more! Let the blind psychic lead the way!

Hi there, and thank you so much for checking out my listing. I am a professional psychic with over six years of experience. I am a clear audience, and Claire sentient that means I can hear and feel things that are beyond the physical world. I have the ability to read your aura, and help guide you on the best path forward with your life. I am also an empath, and I have the ability to read the emotions of you, and the people around you to let you know exactly what they’re thinking and feeling about you at this very moment. I am also quite skilled with timelines in regards to career and life. I am also blind, and I believe this gives me a unique perspective that you may have never had before. I do not sugar coat anything, and I will tell you stuff that may hurt, but I will always help if you are willing to listen. What I say may not fit with what you want to hear, however it will be what you need to hear. I am not for the weak of will or heart. Come with that in mind, and let’s get started!
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Many years of practice, as well as 1,000s of happy clients. Magic from bloodlines and a natural with psychic powers.


In 2018 I began my psychic reading journey to help others with my gifts. I was always into magic, and started exploring my gifts in 2016. I got good enough that I wanted to help others. For over 5 years I have been providing readings to my clients. I have helped hundreds of people with their love questions, I have helped clients navigate their career questions, and have also provided spiritual guidance to many more.

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Languages: English

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