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Natural Born Psychic & Remote Viewer Specializing in LOVE & CAREER - I'll Give You The Answers You're Looking For With the Help of Your Guides & My Guides With NO JUDGEMENT & ONLY LOVING SUPPORT!


I’m Loving Touch Psychic (aka JESSIERORO). I’m a NATURAL BORN EMPATH & CLAIRVOYANT, clairaudient, medium & remote viewer who doesn’t need tools. I connect with my guides & clients’ guides during readings.

  • My hours on here can vary so feel free to message me to set up a reading.

I’ve been a professional for 10+ yrs & have many regular clients, including many known artists in the entertainment industry. I’ve had my gifts most of my life. I also have a strong knowledge of manifesting & help many clients with it.

The more open & positive you are the more I’ll be able to pick up! If you’re testing me it will likely strain our connection as my readings are energy based.


I do NOT sugarcoat but I’m always kind & supportive. I never want my clients to feel scared or limited by their readings, but instead empowered by them!

Sorry NO refunds or free readings. Thank you and blessings.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have trained in three levels of Reiki, studied a number of spiritual beliefs and healing work such as Internal Family System (IFS), Inner Child Healing Work & other modalities. I have been a professional psychic, empath reader and healer for over 10 years. I also have studied the Law of Attraction and Manifesting work for many years, particularly for soulmates/twin flames/soul connections and will often discuss with my clients the ways they are affecting their situations with their thoughts, feelings and energy and how they can make changes from within to connect them to their higher selves and encourage the changes they want to make in the world. I also have a large number of loyal, private clients who keep coming to me because of my 90% accuracy rate.

I have a lot of knowledge about TWIN FLAMES & SOULMATES and the work you can do to help with those connections so feel free to ask about those.

I give timing when my guides give it but it’s very fluid ESPECIALLY if you’re waiting for a prediction.



  • Besides psychic readings, the ONLY other work I offer is energy healing work that are sessions made up of legitimate healing methods I trained and studied in for years consisting of reiki, chakra clearing, inner child work and IFS healing method. These can definitely help when you are feeling blocked in your life and I’ve seen it help a number of my clients.

I NEVER push my healing work on anyone but sometimes mention it as an option but I will only do it ONCE and never push anyone to do it. I only talk about it more with people WHO ASK ME ABOUT IT. I do provide many resources to my clients for healing and manifesting for free of course as I want to help anyway I can with both of these. I NEVER OFFER OR SELL ANYTHING ELSE TO MY CLIENTS BESIDES MY HEALING SESSIONS EVER.


  • I can give straight psychic & empath readings & I used to do that for years, but after studying manifesting & healing methods for years and seeing a number of my clients have the same issues repeatedly in their relationships, careers, family, etc, I felt I would be a more effective reader if I combined my psychic abilities with my manifesting and healing knowledge and helped people break through their fears, patterns, pasts and limiting beliefs to achieve their desires, as I have done for myself and many private clients through the years. I do this because I’ve been shown by my guides how much each person’s healing and connecting with their own higher self is a huge part of what helps people obtain the things they want in their lives. The goal with my work is to not just give predictions but to help people achieve their dreams, which can be more challenging when ppl feel & think negatively or powerless. I still make at least 90% of my readings psychic focused, unless someone asks specifically for manifesting & healing help. If you are absolutely against manifesting or healing help you can let me know, BUT I encourage clients to learn from my knowledge as many ppl who have LOA or manifesting knowledge know the bare minimum & don’t know about some of the most important principles for relationships and soulmates/twin flames as it is more complex work.



  • Please keep in mind I sometimes get a lot of messages with requests for readings and asking for my input. I try to write back as much as I have time for but I can’t always promise I can get back to you right away when you ask for my input or for appointments. It’s generally best if you have a lot of concerns to request a reading and to give me at least 1-3 days notice. Please also message me your availability for the next few days and your time zone. I will get back to you with give an appointment as soon as I can. I hopefully will have some days I do general hours soon but I’m mainly scheduling sessions through message requests as my schedule is currently sporadic. I look forward to reading for you. Thanks!
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28 Aug 2020 satisfactory ranking ss (unregistered)

Hm I didn't like that she used pretty much 3 min of the time trying to convince me to do some healing thing ...which is probably a marketing stratergy to make sure I come again

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18 Jun 2020 satisfactory ranking sadinchicago

I made an appt with Jessica & our first call did not get off to the best start because I was emotional. Jessica was gracious enough to not charge me and reschedule. She was helpful & that night I began to listen to all her manifestation videos as they were empowering. I ran into friends of my POI who told me to move on with my life. I emailed Jessica to schedule a follow up, mind you I was in tears while doing this & instead of confirming a time to speak I felt scolded and was told “I’m letting my ego” get in the way. I wish she could have left those comments out since I was already in pain from what happened earlier. Of course I responded maybe a little harshly but I was hurt. I do love this advisor just wish she would have just made the appointment with me & left the other comments to when we were to have the reading. To give you an update Jessica, I haven’t gotten out of bed since we talked & my family literally had to break into my apartment this morning to see if I was ok.

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15 Feb 2020 satisfactory ranking bunnyqueen

It was okay, seemed to pick up a lot but at the same time there was a lot of uncertainty, as I couldn’t confirm or deny, so I’m not sure what to think at this point. Will update in future, thanks

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25 Jan 2020 satisfactory ranking bluerms

Mentioned he missed me and is reflecting but I saw he is talking to someone else last night so I doubt he's missing me.Yes you said he's overwhelmed and missing me, he's clearly not missing me if there is someone else.

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17 Jan 2020 satisfactory ranking chakram90

I appreciated that she connected before charging. She was good in the details and hit some things in the head. Will see how it unfolds

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