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If you would like any further details about a specific introductory question I have already answered for you, you must accept that you will be charged.

No timeframe or certain description of a person/event(s) will be free.

Remember that I will strictly only ever tell you the truth at all times, so be prepared for a completely transparent answer.

The more detailed question, the more in depth and detailed your answer will be!

I am fully compassionate, I will never judge or condemn my clients, so remember that you can ask me anything!

- Please remember to be kind. Rude behavior is not tolerated and will result in being blocked. This includes one person creating multiple different profiles with the same free OR paid question; so please be considerate and respectful, as I will be considerate and respectful to you.

By accepting these conditions, you are aware of them and agree to have a reading by me.

Many Blessings!



Hi! I’m Vee.

I'm a naturally gifted empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic reader.

I have been professionally giving guidance in readings through my gifts for over 6 years to many individuals worldwide.

It has been amazing to see peoples life path set forward and open up through my gifts.

I am set apart from other psychics because I do not use books, spells, pendulums, tarot cards, or crystals. – I simply allow my gifts and angel guides to speak through me, which in turn gives you full understanding and helpful insight, as well as guidance.

I am able to give details and answers in finances, career, family, friends, and much more.
I am known to pick up on things quickly with accuracy, feedback, direction, advice, clarity, and compassion.

I will tell you exactly as things are, and how to achieve results yourself!

With proper guidance and knowledge, you are able to achieve anything in this world; no matter what the circumstances look like.

No need to ponder or be worrisome, you too can achieve what you desire, I am here to help. I look forward to speaking with you!

THINGS I WILL NOT DO: spells, witchcraft, deceased loved ones, prayers, health/legal/medical matters.

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20 Sep 2022 excellent ranking britshya

She’s so sweet! As stated in her page, she tells the truth (good or bad) I love how honest she is but most of all she’s so sweet and very thorough with the reading. She kept such a positive attitude and she’s quite funny too. It’s like talking to a friend and I’m so glad i came across her page.

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12 Sep 2022 excellent ranking karenlhy

I cannot type when the credit runs out. Thank you Vee for your details, spot on reading. =) I look forward to your prediction.

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12 Sep 2022 excellent ranking daisylove

Such a compassionate caring person. Took extra time to dig deeper into my situation in-order to offer me more clarity. Picked up really quick and laid out what the ending would look like. I will smile again knowing my change is nearing. Ty

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