I am a very caring psychic. It is my mission to help you achieve spiritual clarity, balance and wholeness in your life. I will give you a straight and honest answers to guide you in achieving your dreams. Call me to get true direction for your life.

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I am here to help you with all matters of life. I will help you live the life you are supposed to live without fears. It is my job to help you sleep without worry in your heart and wake up happy and contented.


I have been professionally helping my clients for 10 years. I can read on all subjects from romance to finances. I effectively deal with complex issues that requires a sensitive approach.

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26 Feb 2023 unsatisfactory ranking coopmeek

I normally loved this reader and in the past he was accurate with timeframes and predictions but for the past 2-3 months, he gave me sugarcoated fairytales and unicorns along with false predictions. One was that my POI would contact before Valentine’s and the time frame was inaccurate. He said my POI would spend Valentine’s with me and we never spoke. He said my POI had unblocked my number so I tried to text hbd and discovered he still has my number blocked. I really can’t stand when ppl just tell me what I want to hear for money. When I came back to him to tell him that he told me wrong and my POI still had my number blocked, he says” oh sorry to hear that, do you want per minute?” So you can lie to me again and get my money? I think not. I wanted to go to the same trusted readers, but it seems It’s best not to talk to the same reader because they eventually begin giving their opinions or just feeding you fairytales. I’m extremely disappointed in Troy.

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30 Dec 2022 unsatisfactory ranking Pink (unregistered)

The truth is, our guides and angels are closest to us… and we all know the answers and we are just seeking confirmation. The 3 answers provided doesn’t resonate.

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01 Dec 2022 unsatisfactory ranking seunbello93

Three weeks since poi Ghosted ,contact prediction never happened and doesn’t look like it will ,didnt only say he will reach out ,you claimed this was going to be a long term relationship and I wasn’t wasting my time ,sigh ,came here for the truth not fairy tale ,it’s not fair to play with emotions and say what you think clients wants to hear ,the truth might hurt for a while but it’s better to hear it and make peace with it ,raised hopes is unfair.

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19 Sep 2022 unsatisfactory ranking xchristine9

Take accountability for your readings. Reading was completely way off. Nothing he predicted came to light. He then made excuses. The entire reading was sugar coated or lies. Don't recommend this psychic.

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