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I’m a psychic clairvoyant and use guides and Angels to give you a positive reading. I can use Tarot, crystals and Angel work. I at first get straight into it and no sugar coating. To see the road ahead and the happiness you deserve. I have no judgement and have world wide clients that enjoy my down to earth readings. I can do dream analysis and help with lost items and can help with grief. I read energies of people and issues to come into your life

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I have been reading for over 32 years and have no need for tools but have completed a crystal course 25 years ago that taught us how to connect with the crystals.

I have learnt Tarot and have also taught Tarot. I have completed many courses and love learning new skills. Being born with a gift has been what I use mostly go along with the flow of information given to me


For over 32 years I have been doing readings and love the work. I have worked from home, New age stores and then began online for the last 12. I love chat readings as I can type fast and like to be accurate and get messages from my guides and the Angels. I do care about all that I help. I am a remote viewer and have a natural born gift which helps me in life. I work with the Angels and believe in them. I am here to give you a down to earth reading as well as spiritual guidance. I have many clients all over the world and enjoy being a positive influence with a touch of humor too. I am here if you need someone to talk to outside of your circle around you. Just like a normal Auntie does. I also can tell you what someone is thinking about you as well.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+10:00) May 19, 2024, 09:14AM

Location: Manly West Queensland  (Find on Google Maps)

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17 Feb 2023 satisfactory ranking loki8

I do not feel that your readings are as good as they used to be, so please accept this constructive criticism. I come to ask questions about a POI when I feel confused. Talking to you made me feel even more confused and did not give me insight or clarity. It did not give me that aha! moment. I also am not wanting someone new, but to make things work with my POI… so telling me things to make me feel better just is no longer worth the money. I wish you the best. My one friend swore up and down that you were very good and at first, you were. Take care. Love, light, and blessings.

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07 Jun 2022 satisfactory ranking britshya

This reading was somewhat shocking but in a very good way. Chat was a bit slow, had to keep asking questions to keep the reading going which made me look like a sad puppy. It’s ok though because I do feel like she was sincere about the reading and was very positive about it as well. Putting my faith into this. I’m happy to have tried her.

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11 May 2022 satisfactory ranking twinlights122

The previous reading was good. The second one was bunch of guesses. The prediction didn't happen. She didn't come. There was no meet up.

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02 May 2022 satisfactory ranking belladcuhh2

Love her

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03 Apr 2022 satisfactory ranking xchristine9

A lot of her predictions either keep changing or doesn't happen.

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