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Truth Seekers Only.* Honesty is #1.—

I will not hide uncomfortable truth to avoid your disappointment.

Offline messaging is to request my availability, not for questions/updates- First come first serve. I do not take appointments.

Free intro is to introduce subject matter & questions, NO free readings.

No medical/health, investment, legal or lottery questions, (seek a qualified/licensed expert for help in those areas).


Sending Love & Blessings-❤️

{Confidentiality Agreement}: A client’s personal info is always kept confidential.

{Disclaimer}: For legal reasons I must state that this service is for entertainment only.

No chargebacks/Refunds – (Please Note that I am a real human and you are paying for my time and interpretations. Thanks so much!)


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03 May 2023 satisfactory ranking scorpio11

She blocked me because she keeps saying I’m a control freak while I just asked my bf when will he go on holiday and he blocked my contact when he can’t answer, turned out he’s cheated on me and go on romantic villa by seaside with a woman that’s why he refuse to answer

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20 Feb 2023 satisfactory ranking danyc

I have read with Maggie a few times and have always liked and respected her. The last couple of readings, however, she switched her reading style and told me that I need to give myself first what I want/expect others to deliver in order to be or feel fulfilled. And if I allow that love will come to me. Lol. Life isn't a Disney film. It doesn't work that way. Love won't always find you even if you're doing all the right things. Maybe I'm the one who is supposed to find the person and not other way around? Who says it's the woman who should always be seeked? We don't come to psychic readers for Psychology 101, but thanks for trying to help. As you were expressing your honesty in today's reading, I'm expressing my honesty in this review. It has nothing to do with something I don't want to hear. It's best not to judge someone you don't know. UPDATE: Her response to this review goes to show her judgment

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01 Nov 2022 satisfactory ranking nay00

First off! I'm just now seeing your last message. I've never been the type to play games. I'm too old for that. Only speak on what you know. Try to refrain from speaking on topics you know nothing about. I've never told him. I was cutting him off. In less he really did something to me since him and I was cool last year before he believed lies about me! He's the only one playing games like waving at me knowing I can't see him.

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