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***TOP ADVISOR*** God Gifted Psychic Medium / NO Tools - Clairvoyant & Qualified Spiritual Healer, 28 years experience / Honest Guidance / Accurate Advice & Timelines / Know their Purpose, Intention & their "Why?"


PLEASE READ PAGE BEFORE CONSULTING W/ ME When entering the chat w/ me – be relaxed & calm as it makes it easier to read. The first 3-mins are for introduction & no free insight or time is given.

Do you want to know how "he / she" is feeling about you? or what are they thinking about you? Or will you obtain "the promotion at work?" IS he / she INTO YOU? Together, we can find out what your POI intentions are ~ IT is my commitment to help you in *LOVE – RECONCILIATION – Advise – FAMILY & HOME – FRIENDS – LOVE & SEX – MONEY and LUCK – MARRIAGE / DIVORCE. I affirm all visions and confirm through Tarot, as it is a view into the future. I am a NO TOOLS psychic medium – but upon request, we can do liquid crystal readings, deep energy channeling, Tarot or Pendulum. My readings are accurate and specific to your situation – No generalized information or "filler talk / no fluff."

Please remember, that although timeframes are given & most are accurate there is no guarantee due to Free-Will

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a 3rd generation psychic medium with a gift of vision to see what others cannot. I am a spiritual guide offering insight with NO TOOLS into you life’s journey. I offer clairvoyance, remote healing and mediumship with the combination of crystals, tarot, pendulum and energy channeling.

*(I have my own private-practice, guiding clients all over the world, including celebrities, high – level executives / CEOs, athletes, and more on other platforms).

TERMS & CONDITIONS and CODE OF CONDUCT* Charges are for the amount of time we spend in session with me – and since we cannot "unchat or if you do not like the news you receive – refunds are NOT provided. Initiating a session with me confirms you have read and are in agreement with my terms and conditions.

THIS IS NOT A free-reading site! So if you click on my button – EXPECT to Pay. If you would like a high quality reading contact me now.

*NOTE: Systems DOES Disconnect & sometimes GLITCHES – do Call-Back*


Born into a family of gifted spiritualists, my gift developed much more clearer after a NDE in my early 30s. At the age of 4 my gifts became more evident, and I started seeing deceased relatives, and talking to them. I am able to foresee what’s ahead in situations. I currently help and advise thousands of individuals all around the world. It is my calling to guide those who needs guidance and reassurance.

My Testimonials will tell you about my visions and messages from God, and the Angels

I can see pictures, images, sense feelings, hear voices, or I just KNOW things.

I am here to guide you, and empower you – to assist you to make changes for the benefit of YOU, so YOU CAN create a future of YOUR Dreams.

MY GIFT to help you comes through prayer and meditation. I will always guide you spiritually towards the right path.

I Do NOT "play TEST THE CONNECTION" for you to attempt to obtain a "free-session" before Paid Service – You WILL BE IMMEDIATELY Blocked from my platform I will tell you both Good or Bad news, and I will provide DIRECT answers to your questions WITH CLEAR explanations.

*IF YOU DO NOT Want to HEAR The TRUTH – refrain from contacting me. I am blunt / direct – I will NOT Sugar-coat & tell you "Fairy Tale Answers" – I am here to guide you, and empower you*

Not responsible for any decisions or actions you make after our session(s). Results are not always guaranteed due to free – will and chance

Respect my time and energy. Do no come with a skeptical and negative mind-set, as this will reflect in your reading.

PLEASE READ* If I sense that a visitor is trolling my page for a free reading, while using multiple accounts / or diff alias’, or is a person who is habitually hassles readers & leaves damaging reviews – I will immediately report you to Bitwine cust care resulting in your account suspension or IP address blocked

  • - or - *Leave me a message – I will reply back to you as soon as I can*
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27 Oct 2021 excellent ranking hawks15

Thankyou so much for clearing my mind and working what i need too do. You explained it all xxx

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26 Oct 2021 excellent ranking amz_ee10

Nadya… an excellent , honest, accurate advisor who knows what she’s talking about… always there as a friend and gives you the best advise. I can’t express how much I appreciate her and how truly gifted she is… you’ll never regret giving her a try. Thank you again sis I’ll be back as always with updates

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25 Oct 2021 excellent ranking icequeen

It’s always interesting how the random dates she mentions during the reading end up meaning something unique and specific in retrospect. In early Oct she asked if Oct 17 and 26 meant something to me and they didn’t at that time. Both ended up becoming contact dates from my poi that HE initiated and where significant things were discussed. How cool is that ? :)

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25 Oct 2021 excellent ranking jamsshaa

As stated previous, NADYA is the only advisor I’ll speak with moving forward. Truly a gem that deserves her credit. From the messages of asking when she’ll be available to responding back and making herself available for me is so very kind of her. I appreciate the free 5 min updated energy she offers. When I’ve asked the same questions over and over, her answer remains the same. When energy shifts she reminds me that freewill is what’s important and not to focus too much on a timeframe. The dates she has provided, are dates that have only been confirmed by family and close friends; so the fact that she has picked up on that lets me know she is gifted. She’s always open to talk, tells me the truth, tells me what it is I need to know for my good and comforts me when needed. Might I add; her past predictions have come to pass. Sending virtual hugs; chef kisses and positive energy your way NADYA.

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25 Oct 2021 excellent ranking jamsshaa

I’ll never contact another advisor as long as I have NADYA! My go to. My girl. Any questions, doubts; concerns I may have I know I can come to her. She picks up on me immediately and truly she’s the real deal when she picked up on my heart rate! ;) Thanks for the update today. I’ll be back in touch with you again soon. *hugs*

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