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Certification for chakra balancing and aura therapy, certification for 28 week Soul coaching, certification in reiki healing and certification for Tarot cards.


I would like to share with you my life experiences Being a psychic. My journey began when I was 6 years old, I come from a Roman Catholic family Who really did not believe in psychics and always thought it was some sort of witchcraft. My gift started With dreams that would come true at the beginning it wasn’t as often maybe once a month which was still disturbing to a young 6 year old me, by age 7 I would be feeling things that would happen the very next day between once or twice a week at this point people started noticing my gift and I was ridiculed and condemned for many years I was tormented in school by my teachers for knowing too much and they always thought I was being difficult or trying to challenge them which was not the case I just knew more than everyone else around me not by my choice I often call this my gift and my curse until I was age 11 I went through this once I turned 11 1/2 it was more understanding of what was going on with me I started taking meditation classes to calm down my my messages from my spirit guides and now it is my life‘s journey to help give clarity and guidance to those who need it.

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18 Aug 2021 satisfactory ranking trinityd

I don’t know if he is connected or not, or if he is guessing. But he is nice

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30 Jul 2021 satisfactory ranking Cherry (unregistered)

Gave something very generic and towards the end I could tell he wasn't connected at all. Saying his friends are bad influences is extremely off.

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20 Jul 2021 satisfactory ranking lauren1516

Good reading. Will change review to excellent if and when predictions happen. I do hope he's right.

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23 Jun 2021 satisfactory ranking alex888

Really not sure..Prediction regarding call NEVER happen and first was we are going to be in relationship with 2 months but when I mention his exs..He is ALREADY IN RELATIONSHIP and doesn't want to leave that lifestyle etc like exuse on BAD fairly tale story completely opposite ending of reading and results. Not SOLID reading very confusing and completely NONSENSE.

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