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PhD in Business Administration, Master’s degree in Business Administration, Master’s degree in Psychology, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology’s come from spiritual back ground. I have over 15 years experience in the spiritual arts and Natural Psychic with years of research and studies. Predictions that come True


Hello and thank you for browsing my site! My name is Daniel and I’m a third generation clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient psychic. I have had psychic abilities since I was very young. My first experiences came through precognitive dreams when I was about 8 years old.

A small description of my abilities “what they actually mean”-

Definitions of clairvoyant:- Having the supernatural power of seeing object actions beyond the range of natural vision . Quick , intuitive knowledge of things and people. Literal definition: Clair; defined as ‘clear’; & valance or Volant defined as ‘seeing’.

Definition of clairaudient:- Clairaudience is the act of hearing, Or the ability to hear, sounds not normally audible. In other words, the ability of being sensitive and receptive to sounds beyond the normal dimension.

Definition of Claire-sent:- A Claire sent is a “medium,” that possesses the psychic ability of smell to pick up on future events or people. With the keen sense of smell perception, a Claire-sent, much like an information receiver, we hone in on scents, And then the Claire-sent transmits the appearing imagery.

I can help you clear away your fears and help eliminate the feelings of confusion that might be keeping you from listening to your own intuition. I’m not going to sugar coat or fairytale your reading. I will tell you what I see. I do not judge. Sometimes the messages are good and sometimes not. I respect you way too much to give you anything less than the truth. My first priority is to help you and my goal is to have you walk away from our call with information you need to live your best life possible. I’ve done this kind of work for over a decade.

I am able to tap into things quickly and look at situation from all angles to best give you a perspective you may not have access to. In addition to relationship advice, I can help you with your job and financial situation. There is nothing I haven’t heard. Don’t be afraid to call me, If you need help. :) I connect with your guides to get my information. Through that connection I am allowed to clearly see your soul mate and help you to find them. My past life visions will help you understand your relationships and how to heal them.

All readings are guided by spirit through a higher source which I will sometimes refer to as God or “The Universe”. The information comes through me to you, so the more open you are to receiving these messages, the more you’ll benefit from the reading. I am honest, ethical, and highly accurate. Call now for the REAL Answers you need!

I have a sincere desire to help others and am naturally gifted. Since birth as it runs through my family I have worked hard to develop my gift to become stronger through a lifelong dedication To the psychic arts and a deep understanding of the use of divination tools , Also adding my 21 yrs of experience has truly improved my expertise to 100% accurate.

Please note: Your energy sets the tone for your reading, so please try to take a few moments to settle your mind and emotions be

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