Neveah( Ama Oja)

Ama Oja means so much in my language. I can see love, I can nurse wounds, and I am an eye. In other words, I am an intuitive and I heal from a place of love. There is a whole lot more to Ama Oja and my services, ask if you wish to learn.


I am a certified professional life coach who provides guidance in relationships, career, and education. You may call me Neveah or as my People do, Ama Oja(which in so many ways speaks to my cultural identities and gifts). As an intuitive and culturally centered reader trained in African cultural rituals and practices and decolonization, I do not adhere to the traditional meanings of tarot cards. I am an intuitive reader who goes by what I see and feel and what the cards have meant based on data I have collected over the years. When you connect with me you are speaking o my ancestors, respect them or they will not provide you with information. No readings on non-existing energy, medical(including birth, death, pregnancies, paternity, Legal(including marriage or divorce outcomes), financial investments/outcomes, physical features, gambling, celebrities, mediumship, dream interpretation, or other advisors. No sugarcoating especially on twinflame/soulmate questions or toxic behaviors. No free readings.

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The highest degree I hold is a Doctorate; I am also a Certified Professional Coach. While I have three main service categories, I can offer a wide range of advice and coaching in many areas of life.


I have been reading professionally for over six years. I started reading for the public on a highly recognized platform where I was a showcased, top advisor and staff pick. Currently, I am highest rated on Purple Garden and Purple Ocean. I have also been a Staff Pick, trended and voted as most accurate. I have been a top advisor on here as well. Before I began reading professionally, I read for many colleagues, friends, family members and students. I am an awarded published creative and academic writer and spent almost two decades teaching culturally centered subjects to a wide range of college students. In addition to reading and teaching, I have previous experience in the corporate world,legal field and as an entrepreneur in the food industry. I am a very staunch advocate for social justice and issues pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusivity. My ethnic group is one that many do not know about. I ground all of my work in what has been passed down to me by my elders. My own cultural background is the most important factor in my intuitive gifts.

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26 Jul 2023 unsatisfactory ranking andrea911

Blocked me for no reason at all! Now rambling that I disrespected her ancestors when I did nothing like that! Only thanked her for her reading!

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08 Dec 2021 unsatisfactory ranking ntpt1111

The most grumpiest reader I have ever come across. Barely answered any questions, i felt as almost I was being a burden - super judgemental. I’m shocked and baffled at how rude she was. Also seemed like she was in a rush or was distracted with something else. So dissapointed!

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25 Sep 2021 unsatisfactory ranking nandoi

I asked you the same question and your response was totally off each time. Sorry but you can really ruin relationships with your lies

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24 Sep 2021 unsatisfactory ranking nandoi

I read our previous chat and what u told me today is the opposite of what u told me the other day.

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