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I Am A Natural-Born Psychic, Who Has Been Providing Spiritual Readings To The Public Since 1977! I Am So Grateful To All Of Those Who Have Chosen Me Over The Years. I Look Forward To Taking Excellent Care Of You!


As a Natural-Born Psychic, I connect with my Spirit Guide Jacob, Angels, My Ancestors, Otherworldly Beings and a Collective Wisdom.

I do not have an issue providing Timeframes and I would say that my Timeframes have an 85% accuracy rate. It is not 100% due to energies and actions of/surrounding the Querent. Please use the timeframes as a guide and not an absolute. Please maintain notes on the timeframes given.

I use tools as well in a Session. I am always a Diviner and love to Dowse for energies. I keep a Tarot Deck at my desk and use this Oracle as well for more insight.

I have quite the collecton of Oracles that we can utitlze if you like. I feel the key to a great Reading and Connection is to relax your energy, focus and just go with the flow.

Because I am a sort of "Medium" between you and my Guides, I do read your question or concern and then I ask my Guides or I am Dowsing. I am flexible with time because of this. I will always communicate with you my actions and the responses given.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

☀️Doctor Of Divinity

☀️Doctor Of Theocentric Psychology

☀️PhD In Relationship Dynamics

☀️PhD In Behavioral Science

☀️Certified Spiritual Life Coach

☀️Ordained Interfaith Minister

☀️Avatar Energy Master

☀️Reiki Master Teacher

☀️Sufi Mystic


I am a Natural-Born Psychic who has been providing Spiritual Readings to the public since since 1977.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I have my own home-based business where I offer Reiki Therapy along with Spiritual Readings.

I have studied World Religions, Divinity & Metaphysics at The University of Houston, as well as The University of Metaphysics

I studied Energy Mastery at the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute.

Appearances on "Be The Light Now" Radio, as well as "Curious Times". I operated my own Podcast called "Spiritual Journey Radio".

I have worked Major Psychic Websites throughout my years, as well as Psychic Phone And Video App Platforms! All 5 Star Ratings!

I own and operate my own Psychic/Tarot Website where I offer Spiritual Readings, Healing, Mentoring, as well as a variety of Esoteric & Metaphysical Services.

Feedback & Ratings

☀️I am never ever going to sugar coat a reading for a 5 star rating. I am going to tell you what Spirit says and what I see and am shown. I hold myself at a higher standard and it is not my issue when you fail to consider an outcome outside of your desires and wishes. I have known my Guides since I was a child. I trust only them.

☀️I do also hold a degreee in Psychology, so I can help explain the psychology of a response or reaction, you just need to be able to grasp it.

☀️If there is anything I miss that you may have typed, please repeat, as I cannot type and talk to my Guides at the same time. My eyes are closed and I am seeing what is being shown, or listening to what they are saying. My focus is on them, so you may have your answers. Try one question at a time and not 20.

☀️Be calm, breathe and take responsibility for your life. Psychics are able to assist you with current energies, but your energies and actions can sabotage any outcome.

☀️You may have knowledge that there will be a future, but your SO does not. That gives people the creeps, so go with the flow and allow your Guides, Angels and The Universe to accomplish their goals. Trust me, they can do a better job. They do not need your help, only your faith.

☀️Sometimes paths are not connected, so the other or both can learn separately in this incarnation. Paths will reconnect at the proper times.

Unlimited Packages By Request

Unlimted Packages consist of 1 1-Hour Session per day and Unlimited Bitwine Message Readings (please send 1-Specific Question per message at a time). Unused time does not carry over.

☀️Weekly Unlimited – $222.00 ☀️Monthly Unlimited – $444.00 ☀️Yearly Unlimited – $777.00

If you are a frequent Client and you would like to save money, this may be the answer for you!

Oh My Goodness! I Am Blocked!

Blocking occurs whenever a Refund is given or if there is a Negative Review. Negative Reviews remain on a Black List and will always be blocked. A Refund Block is removed after 90 days. There are no exceptions. I ask that all of us display mutual respect and a sincere heart with each other in our connection.

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